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I’m Sorry

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to write to all of you to tell you that for personal reasons I won’t be blogging for awhile. I’m sorry; that entries have been so sparse. I’ll keep the fb page and post up articles and picture, but posts will rarely be done. I really appreciate everyone that has supported this blog and taken time in their day to read it and for those who commented or hit like, it has meant a lot to me. I really love writing on here, but for reasons out of my control I cannot keep on doing so for now.


Fall 2012 Makeup Look – Natural?

Hola hola!

Back from my Mexico mini vacay! What did all of you guys do for your weekend?

Alright, so the Fall is around the corner and there are varying looks that are “in” for the seasons, but today I picked to show you the natural look!

All images are taken from MarieClaire.com


Neutral eye shadow, light brown, evened out skin tone, clear lip balm , and a bit of a rosy blush.


Peach lipstick, hardly any blush, and a lighter neutral shadow than the image above.


What looks like lip balm, darker, but still neutral eye shadow, than the above, a bit of brightener on the cheeks mixed with light bronzer.


The following image is from the-fashion-street.com

natural look black woman

Here again there is a natural lip, a natural/neutral shadow with some definition done with eyeliner, and a touch of pinkish blush


How do you feel about the natural look? Can you and or will you rock it? Fall is one of my favorite seasons, because the cool weather comes along and isn’t too cold (not that it gets THAT cold here in LA), the leaves change colors in residential areas and look beautiful when they are tinted green and brown, and I believe the natural look is truly suiting of the season. You can flare up with color in your clothes if you like, but looking natural and not overdone is flattering for most women, in my opinion. Give it a try! You can send me pics done up in a natural look for a future post if you like!

Leaving on a Mini Vacay!

Hey all! I know, I know… where have I been? Well I’m a huge fan of the Olympics and have spent a LOT of time watching that. I watch at work and at home o_O and so I’ve been bad about posting. Sowwies ❤

Have any of you been watching them? What are your fav sports? I super love swimming, gymnastics, diving, soccer, basketball, marathon, track and field… I guess I could go on and on. Also, how cool have the manicures been!?!?! I wonder how often they’d redo it?


Awesome Olympic Player Nail Art

So as my post says, I’m going on vacay! The family and I are heading out to Rosarito tomorrow; and well a girls gotta pack essentials 😉

Lipsticks, blush, makeup brushes, etc

Will I need it all? Probably not, but better safe than sorry, I say!

Some concealer, primers, hair and skincare products! Always be prepared.

Really the point of the post is to hear from you! When you travel what do you take? Does it differ from place to place or do you generally take the same thing? For example I am going to the beach, and may not even wear any face primer or tinted moisturizer, but you never know-I could be going to a semi nice dinner and going au natural wouldn’t be appropriate. If it was colder weather I may have more skincare than just face cream and eye cream. Do you guys travel often to the point where you have it down to a T? Tell me everything!!!


I Apologize for the not so great pics, I couldn’t get good ones… =(


Nurturing Force Face and Body Blots – Movie Victims

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope all of you are having a great day…but I definitely am keeping those who were involved in the massacre in Aurora, Colorado in my thoughts. It’s an awful situation; going to the movies with your friends at midnight is suppose to be something fun because it’s almost like an “event.” =(


Now I want to go on to review the Nurturing Force Face and Body blots. Hmm……. I’m not so happy guys.


Here are all 4 types: Top to Bottom – Unscented (pure) – Wellness (Aloe Vera) – Aromatic Rose – Fragrant Lavendar

Why am I not happy with these blotters?


A. Taken Apart


B. Main Problem; Doesn’t Tear Properly


Scissor didn’t help.

The pictures are basically self explanatory. The blots are suppose to come out of the slit and with the cap, which has spiky ridges (like foil paper containers) is meant to tear it. Well, my sheets wouldn’t tear properly and ended up jamming inside the container. Finally I gave up on digging for the sheets and broke it open. I thought it had to do with the container being flawed, making it difficult to take out the sheets, but no, it’s the paper. I don’t know if mine is specifically flawed or if this is a common problem. In the end I ended up grabbing scissor and lifting off the cover through the slit. Since I thought it was the actual container I thought to myself problem solved! Nope! even tearing the paper with my own hands turns into a crazy disaster and a waste of blotter sheets. I tried using scissors and it’s hard to even get the paper to cut, then it cuts a bit straight and of course after that it all goes to hell. They blot well, but it’s not practical and seems to be low quality to me. Honestly toilet paper is better, just grab it from the back of the packet and bam great blotter sheets!

In-Kind Sensitive Facial Cleanser



In-Kind is a Safeway brand that I found in Vons awhile ago. I haven’t been using it since it came out, because I didn’t even know it existed! Now I lovers it!


In-Kind Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Oat Extract

In-Kind products are advertised to be 90% natural with no:

* Parabens
* Sulfates
* Animal by-products
* Pesticides
* Phthalates
* Petroleum or petroleum based products
* Synthetic colors
* Mineral oil
* Synthetic fragrance

The Sensitive Facial Cleanser is all I’ve ever used by In-Kind so far. It smells oaty (probably bc it has oat extract), and doesn’t leave my face harsh and dry. I don’t really have sensitive skin, most people don’t (it’s a marketing ploy), but I like using products that are softer. Probably best to stay away from it if you are allergic to oats though, I don’t want anyone getting swollen eyes or hives!

I love the distinctive packaging, I think that and the affordable price is what caught my eye and have been using the product ever since. I’ll probably have to change it up after 6 months, but I’ll come back to it after another few months.

Here are other products they sell:


Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer both regular and sensitive…etc

BareMinerals Pressed Powder Shadows

I wrote this post forever ago and then I don’t know why I never published it! Anyway, it’s a bit delayed since I wrote it right when they quads were released, silly me.

I got “The Soundtrack” quad, which includes a matte highlighter and three shimmery shadows in gold, bronze and olive tones. I also got “The Honeymoon Phase” and “The Alter Ego” duos. The Honeymoon Phase is simple, classic and beautiful. It contains the peachy matte pink and a slightly shimmery gray color that go beautifully together and The Alter Ego has shimmery yellow green and a matter plum that offset each other nicely. The duos retail for $20 on their website and the quad retails for $30.


The Honeymoon Phase

These soft touch containers are beautiful and classic, the texture of soft touch containers is my favorite; I always think it’s classier too. I don’t think I have a specific favorite between the quad and duos as I really like the texture and colors of all of them. I have medium olive complexion and I find that bronze, golds and purples suit me well and these all contain those colors or highlighters that I believe suit everyone! I’m glad that bareMinerals has decided to add pressed shadows to their skews, because I’m sure like me, others are out there who have a preference for pressed over loose. An attribute that the quad has is a large compact mirror that won me over, because some compacts add a small mirror to go along with their shadows, blushes etc… but bareMinerals has included an all filling mirror that is rather large. Love love love!


The Soundtrack

Kat Von D Sephora Beranice Lipstick

Back in late May – early June I was gifted a lipstick from the Kat Von D Sephora line in Beranice. I don’t know why I hadn’t blogged about it, especially since I really like it!!! I hadn’t heard too much about their lipsticks and wasn’t sure what to expect from it and yay I’m happily surprised!


Beranice Lipstick – Kat Von D

Isn’t it such a pretty color and the packaging rocks! I love that I can see the color from below; sometimes you just forget which lipstick is which, especially if you have 10s of them. Being able to just know what color it is without removing the cap is great! This Kat Von D lipstick is matte but has some shimmer to it, however it’s subtle and both work and night out appropriate. The Beranice is a metallic poppy red as per described by the Sephora site, and I completely agree and it belongs to the Foiled Love Lipstick line, which also includes other colors, such as Adora, Forever & Never, F.T.W., Oh My Goth, and Valentine.

Here’s me right after applying. =P And yes that is a Venom piggy bank in the background. Bahah

Right after applying I realized I hadn’t had my morning  breakfast, which consists of yogurt and thought ‘crap!’ and then ‘duh, this lipstick doesn’t get messed up after eating!’ – It really doesn’t, of course some comes off but not enough to where your lips look washed out, it basically seems as though none came off. Isn’t that awesome?! Greatly pigmented; I loves!

Youngblood Cosmetics Q/A Tomorrow!

Youngblood Cosmetics CEO

Youngblood Cosmetics CEO, Pauline Youngblood

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you all know that you should really check out the YB facebook page tomorrow, (7/13) from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST because the CEO/Founder of the brand is going to be on facebook tomorrow for an hour answering questions and giving away prizes. Some of the prizes they have said will be given include: Mighty Shiny Lip Gel, Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad, Mineral Radiance! Don’t miss out on the possibility of free stuff and getting to know the CEO of a company with such great products!


WWWD, pt 2 (What Would Wen Do?) <– Guest Post

Yay Jean is back to relay her WEN experiences! Give her some love; read on:

I’m very sorry to report that in the months since publishing my raving love note to all things Wen, my hair care soulmate has let me down. In March of this year, I had some major abdominal surgery, with dramatic effects on my hormones and digestion, and for some mysterious reason: my hair. At first, I thought it was thinning and falling out, and it wasn’t just in my mind – to quote my BFF’s seven-year-old, “Your hair is really thin! My mom’s isn’t like that!” At the time, she had a fistful of my hair in one hand and a fistful of her mother’s in the other, so she would know.

Me on a good hair day. (Caution: hair in mirror may be drier than it appears)

After a thorough examination, my hairstylist proclaimed that it is not actually thinning, just extremely dry and breaking off, making it appear thin even though it’s still growing normally. Could be the hormonal changes, the digestive changes, the systemic shock of major surgery – who knows. My roots are also blonder now, but that’s a whole ‘nother mystery. When I explained the gentle ingredients in Wen, my hairstylist said that was unlikely to be the problem and I should keep using it, but to start doing Moroccan Oil treatments and add a coconut oil supplement to my diet. My mother, on the other hand, suggested that I’ve been wearing my ponytail too tight and I should try Mane & Tail, which she has never tried personally but has heard good things. So far, the oil treatments (internal and external) seem to be helping only slightly, and my ponytail is at just the right tension, thank you very much.

On a bad hair day. Does this ponytail make my hair look dry?

I’m not ready to give up on Wen, and not just because I bought a bonus 32oz bottle before my hair started drying out. It’s not Wen, it’s me. Even though my hair isn’t looking as luscious as it did before, I still think Wen is the most gentle, moisturizing treatment out there. And, it never fades my brilliant red dye job. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

But last time we talked, I promised you a review of some of the Wen styling products! And I won’t let you down – not now, not ever – so here we go:


This is definitely not the same as a Styling Gel. It has no hold, it’s not sticky, and you apply it while your hair is still soaking wet. The theory is, it adds extra moisture and protection for your hair, while making it easy to style. Being that I am the world’s worst hairstylist, it has not made my hair easy to style, but this is another case of “it’s not Wen, it’s me.” However, it is one of my most indispensible, do-not-run-out-of products, and here’s why: this is the gunk that turns my unruly weird hair kinks into fun, pretty, beach waves. And, when blended with a product from Prive’ called “Curl Activating Crème” and a mildly humid day, that’s when I can sometimes get a few spontaneously curling mermaid tendrils mixed in with the beach waves. Wen Styling Crème is awesome and I can’t live without it. Get some! 5 stars out of 5.

wen lavendar styling creme

Wen Lavender Styling Creme. Styling Crème & her trusty sidekick, Curl Activating Crème. Store near the shower, they work best wet.


I got a bottle of this by accident, as part of a package deal of Cleansing Conditioner and some other goops and lotions. This particular finishing treatment happened to be pomegranate-scented; I’m not sure if there are other options. It is unlike any other finishing slime I’ve tried before! I’ve used glosses and whatnot to make split ends and flyaways lie down, but I can never get them to distribute evenly and they make it look like I haven’t washed my hair in a month (did I mention that I’m the world’s worst hairstylist?). The Wen Finishing Treatment Crème is not glossy at all, but really more of a very creamy lotion. When I smear it on, it actually makes my hair lie down and look healthy, with no grease or gloss effect. So for that, I love it. The weird thing is, it doesn’t make my hair FEEL healthy. By the end of the day, the areas that got hit with the crème start feeling sort of stiff and tangled. Adding more crème the next morning can help with the appearance, but after a few hours it feels even more dirty and unbrushable. I will definitely keep using it for the looks, but I’m not super impressed. 3 out of 5 stars.

wen pomegranate finishing creme

Wen Pomegranate Finishing Creme – As the name implies, this crème is creamy.


This stuff also came with a variety pack, and I definitely know it comes in all the usual Wen flavors & scents. I tried the lavender, to match my Cleansing Conditioner and Styling Crème. Honestly, it didn’t do anything. Nothing. I noticed no difference whatsoever on the days I used it and when I didn’t use it. Whether I air-dried it for beach waves, terrorized it into poodle curls with a small-barreled iron, or blow-dried it into submission and smoothed it out with a big-barreled iron, nothing. No extra volume, no change in texture, no extra stiffness or smoothness, just no effect at all. Maybe they accidentally sent me a bottle of lavender-scented water, I don’t know. It didn’t do any harm, but it didn’t do any good either. It just didn’t do anything. 1 star out of 5, don’t waste your cash.

While my beloved Wen isn’t working as well for me as it used to, I’m not giving up and you shouldn’t either. The stuff is great. Great quality, super gentle, and different from anything else you’ve tried. Like last time, I must still emphasize: DO NOT order directly from Wen unless you want to be roped into an endless cycle of expensive automatic shipments! I get mine from QVC.com with no hassle, and I’ve just learned that Sephora.com has also started carrying it. So far Sephora only has the Sweet Almond Mint line, but I’m sure if that sells well, they will start adding the other formulas. For now, QVC still has the best variety and excellent customer service. Prices are the same at both websites.

I’ll always love you, Wen. We’ll get through this. Together.

Neon Makeup Colors!

We know trends come in and out, so neon colors being in trend shouldn’t bring up a “why” question but rather is just a cycle of fashion that’s been back for a bit.

Really the only “neon” color/s that exist are red-orange and the rest are fluorescent, but somewhere down the line we started calling them all neon colors. We all know color is how we perceive color reflecting off of the object. Fluorescent colors use a larger amount of both the visible spectrum and the lower wavelengths compared to conventional colors. They not only absorb and convert light energy of the dominant wavelength, but also the wavelengths of ultraviolet rays and other colors lower in the visible spectrum. As a result, your eye perceives a far more intense color.

KA`OIR lipstick

KA`OIR Orange, Green and Blue lipstick

In the somewhat creepy mesh of lips that I put together above we have “neon” lipstick in orange, green and blue. These are “in” and though I personally don’t wear them I have seen people out there who do. (PS. They have a promo code, which I’m sure is ending soon KAOIR4TH; in case you’re interested). KA`OIR’s whole makeup line is made up of tons of fun colors and it’s very on trend. Trends in colors aren’t only in makeup or clothes, but both combined as well as in furniture and decor. I’m sure you’ve seen girls dressed in pants the colors of the lipsticks, I have pants in the fun blue myself! haha

Image from Birchbox
Models on Dior Runway

Lime Crime Model wearing their neon like shadows

Here is a different brand with very bright eye shadows, that keep in the theme of bright neon makeup. Lime Crime is known for having bright highly pigmented makeup. I think it looks great! If I wasn’t on a budget I would have stocked up long ago. I think the colors are amazing, they match everyone’s current closet and are fun colors to wear.

lime crime AQUATAENIA eye shadow

The Aquataenia Fantasy Eye Shadow from Lime Crime


How do you all feel about this current trend? Are you embracing the neon color comeback? Bright colors! Haha

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