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Beauty Social and Temptu Review

Beauty Social

Today was day two of the Beauty Social for Beautylish at the Lowes Hotel in Santa Monica, California. Unfortunately due to prior commitments and school I was unable to attend the 1st day, but from talking to the people working the booths today was the busiest day of the two-day event. I must say it was an awesome event to attend and am glad I was able to make it for the first annual event. There were different brands represented along with speakers from the daughters of one of the Benefit creators to Patrice Grell Yursik the creator of afrobella.com to bloggers such as Christine Mielke of temptalia.com. But my favorite speaker I must say was Billy B. He was very interesting to listen to based on his tenure and personality. He had a lot to say about his beginning and his current experiences. It’s good to hear that it’s not always easy and that for some beauty artist’s it can be frustrating that things happen so fast at times. He talked about his experiences with Lady Gaga and experiences with products themselves as well as recommendations for the every day girl doing her own make-up to the make-up artist working at the counter or freelance. For this being the first Beauty Social I must say I was quite impressed. The room the was decorated beautifully and it was easy access to couches, chairs and booths. There was an entry photo booth section after checking in and yummy non alcoholic drink. (which I loved bc I don’t drink 😉 hehe) The moderator was, however, yelling into the microphone, which someone should have called her out on at some point as it was deafening and it was unfortunate that the more popular booths weren’t bigger to accomodate more people, but every experience is a learning experience and every year will be better, I’m sure. =) So thank you Beautylish for hosting such an amazing event.


This is the very first time I have any sort of experience with Temptu or airbrush make-up and it was a wonderful one. I made an appt. with the Temptu booth at the event for 1pm and was promptly attended by a wonderful by Temptu freelancer Adrienne. I highly recommend her if there is ever a time when you will be using this product or want to be taught to use it. She not only is good at her craft but she has great social skills. She makes sure to make you feel comfortable with her. Now to the product, I am quite a picky person; I usually am not too comfortable with foundation because for some reason I can always feel that it lies heavy on my skin. Well, this product was very light on me and I left it on all day. I’m usually the type to come home and immediately take off my make-up if not sooner (in the car on the way home) if I do where foundation. Unfortunately, I didn’t like how it felt when it was being put on my nose and upper lip area. I felt that I couldn’t breathe even tho it was just air and no fumes. I don’t know how the famous do it so often, but it was fun to experience and perhaps I will do better if and when I do airbrush again. Perhaps I was just was caught off guard and will be better prepared for what to expect in the future. I will leave you with a picture of me with the product on (Foundation: Sand, Concealer: Med, Blush: Bronze, Highlighter: Pink Pearl, Powder: Transparent) and pictures of the social.

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