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Bare Minerals (Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser)

I recently started using the exfoliating product out by Bare Minerals. Because I have combination skin that leans more toward dry, I exfoliate minimally every other day, especially in the fall/winter (if you can call that here in LA. 😉 ) It’s definitely a necessity to exfoliate the skin often enough when your skin gets dry bc the pores are so small it’s not getting any moisture, which is the opposite of those with really oily skin!!!

I want to touch on the type of exfoliant this is: It is a thin white powder, which kind of reminds me of talc, but does not contain any. It does not have a nice fragrant smell, it actually has a starchy scent. There are no synthetic fragrances in the exfoliant and so the fact that the second ingredient listed are rice starch-the third being tapioca starch they are the strongest scents released because ingredients are listed from largest amount to smallest amount included in the product.

Instructions are to make sure you’ve splashed water on both your hands and face before pouring a small portion of your exfoliant onto your hands and rubbing them together to produce what they call a “small froth.” I do this in the shower in the morning or evening depending on my schedule for the day on a bi-daily basis. I’ve only had it for about 2 week, but after each use my face feels smooth and refreshed. The first time I used it I thought the consistency was too thin and that I should use more powder but once the froth is rubbed on my face it’s definitely more than enough to cover it. I rinse it off after I rub it on my face for under a minute. No need to leave it on any longer than that. They recommend to use the exfoliating mask along with it, which I do not do (yet). Perhaps I will look into it after further looking into the product. I decided on this exfoliant based it’s ingredients, since I have yet to have no adverse reactions to natural products.

As I become more aware of what goes into my products I understand how good it is that this product does not include any synthetic fragrances. I also would like to mention that there are NO parabens or artificial oils included. This, if you are not aware are good things to look out for in anything you put on your skin. It’s always best to check ingredients, if you don’t already, as you may be allergic to organic and natural products; especially now that it is becoming more and more common in products such as this. Let me know if you have used it and what you think of it or if you do decide to use it. =)

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  1. Great post…will def look into this. I have oily skin that tends to get a little dryer in the winter months.

  2. Gerri

     /  October 30, 2011

    This sounds interesting. I will definitely have a look into this exfoliant. It would be good to use if you travel often as it is in powder form.

    • Enhancing and Staying Beautiful

       /  October 31, 2011

      Yes. Just make sure to look at the first few ingredients in case you have any allergies.


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