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Such A Hectic Week!

This week is so busy for me my lovelies! I have three or four blogs I want to write for you but it’s a busy busy week. I have not forgotten about you! Things I have planned for you lip balm, brushes I like and eye brow pencil.

Back to the busy week! *So Tired*

What kind of week is in store for you all?

Facebook fan page this weekend too!


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Part 2 and My Saturday Adventures

Hello hello again!

Has everyone had a lovely Saturday or Sunday, depending on what part of the world you’re all at? I’ve had a fantastic Saturday, but more about that later. First let me get to the cream pots. Well not to my surprise there was some creasing…


Tenacious Teal Creases

If you look at my right eye (the left on here) you see significant creasing with Tenacious Teal, honestly the formula for the shimmery colors seems less capable than the matte. As you see the Fierce and Tangy lasted and honestly in person it’s beautiful. The picture doesn’t do it justice. I say for the cost it’s fine and if you’re willing to retouch then all the better. Just dab and reapply. However, for a longer day or a night out I would stick to Benefit or MAC.


I have taken a picture of the colors I got so you can see how much better the matte color applies than that with shimmer. I would definitely invest in the matte over the shimmer OR get the more taupe/bronze tones for bronzer or skin shimmer. Glitter always lasts, it’s the color that doesn’t so much so. I would also try primer, but like I said, you get what you pay for and makeup that is $6 – 8 vs $18 – 20 has to do with formula and place of production. A better formula will always cost more to make along with other things that go into the business side of things. Has anyone else tried them? What has been your experience?


Look it’s me!

Me Inside the Pantages Theater

I went to the theater to see Wicked today! Seriously SERIOUSLY, go see it if it’s in your town. It’s hilarious, sad and an amazing story. I absolutely loved it and let me tell you the theater was PACKED! Super amazing cast that was here in LA. For those of you here in LA if you didn’t go you must see it if it comes back or go somewhere else to see it, as tomorrow is it’s last day.

I want to give a shout out to Heartbreaker Clothing, because they gave me this dress after I did a Tumblr contest review for them awhile back. They make their clothes to order and the fit as well as quality are both amazing. Two of my favorite and most complimented dresses are from this company, I love them.

What I don’t love is parking signs like this in Hollywood:


So you’re driving and what do you see “$5 parking” since it’s matinee time, you think it’s true. In downtown LA parking goes down to $3 at some points [flat rate] ah but not here no….. if you pay attention to the picture below it says “for the first 30 minutes $15 flat rate.” It’s misleading, why don’t they say it’s $15 it’s not like people won’t still park there, I mean there isn’t much of a choice to begin with! Grrr!!! When we got out instead of $5 it said $10 and instead of $15 it said $20. Rant Over! *snickers*


Next couples of posts will be on brushes and a lip treatment I buy at Sephora, that’s “for men,” which confuses me, but I’ll tell ya why when I come to it.

Have an amazing rest of the weekend my lovelies.

Alas! Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Time – Part 1

A happy Friday to all of you!!! How is everyone doing today? Are we ready for the weekend; any plans? Do share! I’ve got class tomorrow; Global Business. Woot!

In my previous post I mentioned wanting to get a couples of things, one being the paint pots Maybelline has released, Color Tattoo 24 Hour, so yesterday after work I hit the local CVS near work to find them. [Side note: if you are compelled to go look for them make sure you check the “what’s new” section for makeup of your local pharmacy, because they will not be in the actual Maybelline wall.] After looking around the makeup aisles I found the paint pots, they were nearly sold out! There were maybe 5 of the 10 colors, but little to no product left. Based on the colors they had and what I know does and does not look good on me I opted to get and orangy and teal color. At the particular CVS I went to they were about $8, but it will vary from store to store and location.


Fierce & Tangy


Tenacious Teal

Beautiful colors right? I know the one that stands out to you is the teal but the Fierce and Tangy is beautiful on:


Me Sporting Two of the Colors - I'm wearing more blue than it seems.

Here is the preliminary picture. Don’t you actually love the orange once on? Blue and orange are complimentary colors, so I knew they would look great together regardless. So far I like the product, but it did say 24 hour…while I will not wear this for 24 hours straight because I’m a big proponent on washing your face before bed, I will wear it all day and rephotograph my eyes for a part two. Please don’t wear it for 24 hours guys, it’s not good for your skin.  In part two I will see if a. it actually lasted a span of 13 hours and b. there was any creasing.

So far what do you think of these two colors?

To be continued………

Things I want to get! Benefit “Confessions of a Concealaholic” and Maybelline “Color Tattoo [Eyeshadow]…

… among many many other things.” *shifty eyes*

How is everyone on this lovely humpday?? Me? I’m in Los (what happened to winter?) Angeles, wishing I was outside rather than indoors, but a girl’s gotta work. Also, I want my winter weather! For those who know me well, you know I’m a fan of cool – cold weather (not so much freezing) and absolutely loathe hot weather, but today is nice and spring like, so for those of you in the area get out and enjoy the day!

Alright, who else here suffers from nasty dark circles?? Hereditary? Gluten allergy? Allergies in general? Insomnia? Whatever the case, if you have them, you hate them! Why don’t they just get it together and look like the rest of our skin!? [Sigh] Such is life! Well in my quest of looking at different brands and the different products they have to offer I fell upon Confessions of a Concealaholic – O EM GEEEEE it’s like the kit from heaven! I said to myself I neeeeed this! Ok ok, so maybe I don’t need this kit, but I sure do want it! I’m in the process of reading reviews and thought: I wonder if my readers have ever used it? If they like it? Gotta ask them asap! So my lovelies, any word on any of the products they put together into this “diary” kit? Do tell!

The Diary Style Packaging

All the Lovely Products and Brushes to Boot!

Kit contains:

“that gal” 7.5ml 0.25 US fl. oz.

erase paste 3.2g Net wt. 0.11 oz.

boi-ing 2 x 1.3g Net wt. 2 x 0.04 oz.

lemon aid 0.9g Net wt. 0.03 oz.

eye bright 0.9g Net wt. 0.03 oz.

Have any of you used any and all of these? What is your take? I want to hear from you!

Maybelline has it’s own “paint pot!!!” A fellow blogger, Norah Loves Makeup, mentioned them to me in my blog about paint pots and I am super excited to try them! The “Color Tattoo 24 Hr” They’re about $5 – $7, less than half what one spends on MAC or Benefit. The question is, how good are they? I’m going to go to Walgreens or CVS today or tomorrow to see if I can score a couple and test them out. I’m excited! Have any of you used them before; thoughts?

Maybelline Cream Shadows "Color Tattoo"

Color Tattoo Cream Shadows


In other news I’m planning on starting a fb ‘fan’ page. I just can’t wait to get my laptop back into my possession so I can work on images to put there and here for you guys. Thank you for reading and sharing my blogs. If you all have twitter definitely follow me @FaniLovesBeauty ❤

Day long wear of creaseless Benefit eye shadow

Another phone post! But I will have my MacBook back in my hands tomorrow for much better posting! Thank you for bearing with me.


One has better lighting than the other and I am wearing the product on the lid mixed with Stila eye shadow on the crease. I want to show you that a. It’s still there, although not as strong after 11 hours and no creasing! The issue with creasing isn’t the product so much as it is the application.


Someone also left me a comment saying their product dried quickly. I’m wonder if this perhaps had to do with climate or storage? However, a nice trick is adding water to the paint pots from MAC when you want to use them and they’re starting to dry, but only when you’re going to use it. Also mash it up a bit.

Finally MAC Paint Pots and Benefit Creasless Cream Eyeshadow

Well hello there all! Sigh….I am soooo sorry I haven’t been able to update my blog as I promised. I think I mentioned it before that I am currently computerless right? Yes? Just Checking! Here I am now tho…at your service:

So let’s get to it! I was asked by a few readers what info I could give them on MAC paint pots, what opinion do I have? How do I use them? What brush do I use? Well, this got me thinking why just MAC? I mean, there are other brands out there that have “paint pots!” I feel like people gravitate toward MAC because of the name without giving other brands a chance, which kind of bugs me. Don’t get me wrong I looove MAC; usually resort to them for eyeshadows, but I do give other brands some love as well. Gotta be open minded guys! I understand people have brand loyalty and they go to who they know, but who you know isn’t necessarily the only good brand or the best, give some other brands a chance! For the purposes of this blog I have one MAC paint pot and one Benefit Creaseless eyeshadow, which basically is a cream shadow for both, but each give it their own fancy name.

Image belongs to Temptalia.com

So here is my first question to you? Which is MAC and which is Benefit??? Aside from perhaps owning one or the other and therefore knowing which color belongs to who, what really tells you which is which? My bet, you own the MAC product if you own one at all. Don’t get me wrong here guys, I’m not bashing MAC nor anyone’s taste for it, clearly I have products and love them, but I like to try other brands, give them a chance, let them surprise me.

Now for what you really came for my opinion on the type of product. I have to say I am personally quite bias toward cream based products. I find them easier to apply as well as beautiful.

Benefit Cosmetics Packaging 1


Benefit Cosmetics Packaging 2

Can I just say that I love everything about the packaging that Benefit did for this particular product. I come from a design background; have my ba in Graphic Design, and designs like these are beautiful to me. The box comes with an ikat design on the sides and doves on the top, a die cut in the middle which allows them to place an image of a retro looking doll. On the backside of the doll there is the quote “And on the 7th day makeup was created.” – Gabbi Very clever idea, making the their packaging even more fun.


MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot

Here is the MAC stuff, the product that made me fall in love with cream based shadows. Aren’t both the colors I’ve presented you with beautiful. I know, I know earthy and very little offset. I personally do not where very dark colors, because tones like these flatter me the most. If I do where dark I prefer to use pressed powder shadows.


Get Figgy and Indianwood

Um, have I mentioned I have long lashes? So please excuse the excess mascara on my lids, that happens when you haven’t removed what your lashes get on them. Sometimes I just don’t remove it at all because it’s a pain. haha, anyway here I have the Benefit color on the actual lid of the eye and the Indianwood by MAC on the crease. If you didn’t know which was which brand from this blog, would you be able to tell? Honestly, tell me! How does it look to you? In my experience they are smooth and easily applicable, these two colors are perfect for day time and spring/summer seasons. The Indianwood is also beautiful for the fall and the Get Figgy if matched with a darker color like gray or silver is also appropriate for winter, remember to play around and break the rules. If you are unlike me these particular products are easy to put on with your finger, just spread it over with the index finger and blend with the middle fingers and voila! However, I being a little OCD as mentioned in previous blogs have found the brush from Stila that I mentioned a couple of blogs ago best. The thinner smaller end is great because it is synthetic so it easily picks up the color and can hit the inner corners of the eye without blotching.

Other things I like about this type of shadow is that you can use it as a shimmer, bronzer, eyeliner etc…
It can last you quite awhile unless you pack it on, which you really don’t need to because the colors apply quite smoothly with not too much product.
They are long lasting.
They are classy and wearable at all times of day/night.
It is easily cleaned off at night or whenever you cleanse your face. (Do it daily, don’t ever ever skip a day of washing it all off!)
Typically here I’d have BUT WHAT I DON’T LIKE, this time, I don’t have one. Like everyone I have my favorite products that I can’t complain about and for me this is one of them.

Do you have any specific questions on this product that I can assist with or do some research on for you? Please do tell me? I’m always looking to find out what you guys want to read and learn about.

My Apologies

I want to let me readers know I haven’t posted due to lack of a computer but if all else fails I will do a beauty post from my phone tonight! I haven’t forgotten about you all.

I hope you all have had a lovely beginning to your week!!!

No Computer = Foodie Phone Entry

Hey guys! I’m still sans computer! That’s what happens when you a. Fill up all your memory b. swap your hard drive and c. Don’t have the installation disc for your computer to recognize your back up from the external where you saved everything! Bah! I love apple computers but this was way harder than it would have been on a pc I must say. Part of my bad luck this week for sure. I was at internship when my MacBook completely filled up! I was sooo worried, I mean I AM trying to make a good impression and get hired. I really stressed myself out. Le sigh…. So tonight I am blogging from my phone. Let’s hope this WordPress app is good to me.

So today’s post won’t really have much to do with makeup other than to remind you that tomorrow is paint pot day! Yay! Hahah No, today is food goodness day. Gonna share some of the yummies I’ve had lately. I’m not a big foodie but I have great school friends that are so we eat a lot.

Indian food and Persian food!
20120121-211421.jpg tamales and champurrado!

What yummy indulgences have you all had? Any treats this weekend? And generally how is everyone’s weekend going?

I just wanted to tell everyone that I was advised by a friend – for my Aussie readers that YOUNGBLOOD is sold in private shops in Australia. Google to find out your local distributors and give them a try!

Youngblood Cosmetics! *discovery* – Some Bad Luck – Cleaning

Good afternoon my lovelies! We’re almost through the week! Woot! Too bad I have a Saturday class…so to me this is “hump day.” What is everyone up to this weekend? What looks are you planning? – Me, I have a midterm Saturday and a fancy dinner Sunday. Gotta use some of my own tips to make myself look purdy. Hahah

So I recently discovered this makeup brand call Youngblood! It’s mineral based and let me tell you I’m in heart! I got their mascara (which everyone knows here, that I love to try), bronzer and tinted moisturizer.


Image take from Youngblood Cosmetics


Release Mechanism


Moisturizing Tint (Natural Tone) - Image Courtesy of Youngblood Cosmetics

What I love about the moisturizer is that you seriously do not need to apply foundation over it. It has enough coverage on the face and is very light. All you have to do is shake it a bit, since the product is a mineral base and separates. Definitely not a terrible task to have with such an easy product. I take a few pumps and dab it on my face lightly and then spread it with one of my flat top, synthetic kabuki brushes. Goes on very very smoothly. It’s the tinted moisturizer of my dreams. The only thing I don’t absolutely love is the pump. It gets some of the product caught in the twist lock, which only bugs me because I’m a tad ocd, but this is also not too big of a deal for me.

YB Mascara Brush

Hello amazing lashes

Mascara!!!!!! I love everything about this mascara. There is seriously nothing that I hate about it. You apply it and it’s heavy enough to grab all your lashes but not so heavy that it will weigh them down. Dries quick enough so there’s clearly no gloppy parts in the lashes…and of course I use my metal eyelash comb. (Careful with those guys, if you’re not use to them they can end up IN your eye…no bueno!)

More info on the Mascara


Bronzer - Image Courtesy of Youngblood Cosmetics

Like I mentioned above I also got myself a bronzer! Before YB, I was using physicians formula bronzer, which I do love and will talk about sometime in the future, but today we’re talking YB. So this bronzer I swear to you will last a lifetime. The very first time I tried it I made the mistake of sweeping my angle brush and of course picked up a month’s worth of it. Eek!!! What a waste, had to dab a little on my face and use a different brush to apply it properly. I ended up keeping the brush with all the bronzer on it for a couple of days just using the excess. haha I’ve washed it since then and am careful to only lightly touch the bronzer with my brush. I couldn’t get any good picture of myself with the bronzer without needing to apply 10x what’s necessary for it to pick up on the pic. Sigh…I really wanted to show you guys. I’ll keep trying and perhaps add it in a later post.

I’ve seen their products on Amazon and Fred Segal as well as their online store …so check them out, I really think you’ll be impressed!

Tell me have you ever heard of Youngblood? Do you use it?


Bah I’ve had some bad luck this week [ Due to my sudden bad luck I did clean out my car a little. Lost my work key card for the lot and as I rummaged through the insides of my car I ended up throwing out so so much], which is making me want to shop for some makeup. Today’s preview is of MAC paint pots: I’ve gotten a few requests to do a blog post on them. I have a couple, but this a great excuse to get myself a couple more since I love them so! Who doesn’t need a bit of shop therapy every now and then. At least that came out of it haha. MAC post will happen either Saturday or Sunday… keep an eye out.

Paint Pots

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