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Girl About Town and Russian Red

Hello all!

I hope everyone has had a good week thus far! So what do I have in store for you today? Well some of you my recognize the names that I used for the title of this blog, but for those of you who don’t Girl About Town and Russian Red are two MAC lipsticks that are quite popular with those of us who shop with MAC.

Let me start off with Russian Red and why I bought it. I am personally really into the pinup style. Red lips are an icon of the 1940s and 50s era along with a simple winged eyeliner. Typically I do not use red lipstick as it is only flattering on me when my hair is dark and usually I keep it red, or some gradient of it. Recently I dyed my hair back to black, which is suiting for winter, especially since I become quite pale during the colder season, although I do not live in a very relatively cold area. I thought how perfect, now that my hair is dark and my skin is more of a porcelain olive tone than a tanned olive the red will look great again. Usually I would just buy red lipsticks from places such as Rite Aid and Walgreens, but this time I thought why not get the famous Russian Red.

My results were ok, nothing spectacular. Not that I was expecting something special persay, but I was a bit disappointed. You see I tend to have very dry lips year round and I usually find that lipstick is what best suits me aside from chapsticks and lip balms meant for dry lips.

Russian Red on Me

Russian Red (MAC)

As you see my lips look quite dry and almost irritated, based on the fact that the lipstick is red and not in fact because they are. It wasn’t a smooth application as I am accustomed to with other MAC lipsticks that I owned, which surprised me a bit. I love the color though and it is perfect for when I am dressed in the 40s and 50s style, which is 90% of the time, but to make it look as I like I do use some sort of chapstick or lip balm before applying it. I would also recommend applying a bit of gloss on top if you so choose. I seldom use gloss but because MAC carries a lipglass of the same color scheme it would be a nice touch on to coat over the lipstick a little.


For as many pictures as I took, I could not get it right, but this color is wonderful! I love everything about GAT. I believe it suits most if not all complexions and that it is appropriate year round. It comes on the lips quite smoothly, as I expected, without using any sort of base. For the purposes of this blog post I didn’t use anything prior to applying the lipsticks, but as you can see from the pictures I do in fact have quite broken chapped lips. It usually looks even better that this and most of the time it is my go to lipstick. I tell everybody about it since I first started using it this past summer. I was getting ready for a presentation and my friend and group member let me borrow it and since then I fell in love. I say if you don’t have it GO GET IT NOW!

Some other brands I use are Ulta, Revlon, Josie Maran…etc…

What brands and colors do you prefer and or recommend?

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  1. Gerri

     /  January 11, 2012

    I love MAC lipsticks. They are the only long last lipsticks that I have tried that actually do last, rather than immediately coming off when I eat. I use the colour Lady Bug as it better suits my complexion and it is fantastic! It stays on even after I have something to eat or drink. Though I do need to re-apply another coat on later in the day to give it a fresh look. I do find that my lips do become chapped after some wear, so I just put some lip balm on, no biggie.

    I just started using the creme lip liners from MAC. So easy to apply and great to prevent any lipstick bleeding from the lip line. I really recommend it.

    • I agreee, these lipsticks do last all day just need to reapply a bit after a meal, but otherwise you’re golden!

      • Gerri

         /  January 13, 2012

        Yup! I’m going to stock up on MAC when I am there in May!! You should try Lady Bug too, it is from their lustre range (so not matte).

        I am loving the red enriched creme lip liner. I just need a touch up of my lippy in the inside of my lips after eating and drinking.

  2. Ella

     /  January 12, 2012

    My go-to for red lipstick is MACs Ruby Woo in their matte range. When I want to wear lipstick to work, I like to know that it’s not gonna bleed or come off too quickly. I conceal my lips, powder, apply MAC red lip liner all over the lid and then Ruby Woo on top. And it stays on so well! I do have to reapply but just in the corners and the very inside of the lip which comes off if I have a drink. Also the red liner I use had a more blue base which makes the Ruby Woo a little less orange base looking whe n I put it on which I like better 🙂

  3. gail

     /  January 12, 2012

    I have and wear the Russian Red as well. Love the color but I also find it drying and so, I usually only wear that one for a night out. For day to day, I wear MAC Dare You. It’s a creamier, easier to wear (I find, anyway) red. I usually use a natural liner color and for my exciting trips to the grocery store, it’s great. 🙂 (if I want more intensity, a red liner does the trick)
    Maybe I will try Girl About Town. Go ahead, suggest a lipstick to me…..I’ll probably either have it or try it. Lmao!


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