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Youngblood Cosmetics! *discovery* – Some Bad Luck – Cleaning

Good afternoon my lovelies! We’re almost through the week! Woot! Too bad I have a Saturday class…so to me this is “hump day.” What is everyone up to this weekend? What looks are you planning? – Me, I have a midterm Saturday and a fancy dinner Sunday. Gotta use some of my own tips to make myself look purdy. Hahah

So I recently discovered this makeup brand call Youngblood! It’s mineral based and let me tell you I’m in heart! I got their mascara (which everyone knows here, that I love to try), bronzer and tinted moisturizer.


Image take from Youngblood Cosmetics


Release Mechanism


Moisturizing Tint (Natural Tone) - Image Courtesy of Youngblood Cosmetics

What I love about the moisturizer is that you seriously do not need to apply foundation over it. It has enough coverage on the face and is very light. All you have to do is shake it a bit, since the product is a mineral base and separates. Definitely not a terrible task to have with such an easy product. I take a few pumps and dab it on my face lightly and then spread it with one of my flat top, synthetic kabuki brushes. Goes on very very smoothly. It’s the tinted moisturizer of my dreams. The only thing I don’t absolutely love is the pump. It gets some of the product caught in the twist lock, which only bugs me because I’m a tad ocd, but this is also not too big of a deal for me.

YB Mascara Brush

Hello amazing lashes

Mascara!!!!!! I love everything about this mascara. There is seriously nothing that I hate about it. You apply it and it’s heavy enough to grab all your lashes but not so heavy that it will weigh them down. Dries quick enough so there’s clearly no gloppy parts in the lashes…and of course I use my metal eyelash comb. (Careful with those guys, if you’re not use to them they can end up IN your eye…no bueno!)

More info on the Mascara


Bronzer - Image Courtesy of Youngblood Cosmetics

Like I mentioned above I also got myself a bronzer! Before YB, I was using physicians formula bronzer, which I do love and will talk about sometime in the future, but today we’re talking YB. So this bronzer I swear to you will last a lifetime. The very first time I tried it I made the mistake of sweeping my angle brush and of course picked up a month’s worth of it. Eek!!! What a waste, had to dab a little on my face and use a different brush to apply it properly. I ended up keeping the brush with all the bronzer on it for a couple of days just using the excess. haha I’ve washed it since then and am careful to only lightly touch the bronzer with my brush. I couldn’t get any good picture of myself with the bronzer without needing to apply 10x what’s necessary for it to pick up on the pic. Sigh…I really wanted to show you guys. I’ll keep trying and perhaps add it in a later post.

I’ve seen their products on Amazon and Fred Segal as well as their online store …so check them out, I really think you’ll be impressed!

Tell me have you ever heard of Youngblood? Do you use it?


Bah I’ve had some bad luck this week [ Due to my sudden bad luck I did clean out my car a little. Lost my work key card for the lot and as I rummaged through the insides of my car I ended up throwing out so so much], which is making me want to shop for some makeup. Today’s preview is of MAC paint pots: I’ve gotten a few requests to do a blog post on them. I have a couple, but this a great excuse to get myself a couple more since I love them so! Who doesn’t need a bit of shop therapy every now and then. At least that came out of it haha. MAC post will happen either Saturday or Sunday… keep an eye out.

Paint Pots

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  1. Nice! I love the YB tinted moisturizer, it doesn’t make me break out and it doesn’t feel greasy on my skin. Def my everyday product. Oooh and don’t even get me started on the mascara, one of my favs!

  2. Linda

     /  January 22, 2012

    Great review! I definitely need to try and find me some of the tinted moisturiser here in Australia 🙂

    Question about the bronzer.. Is it shimmery? I’m quite picky with my bronzers and it’s so hard to find one without too much shimmer! I definitely need to start saving so I can try all these products when I’m in the US!

    • I’m sorry I hadn’t replied, I didn’t see your comment. The bronzer is somewhat shimmery, if you would like me to take a picture of mine rather than the photo I loaded to better see I would be happy to.

  3. elizbsch4

     /  January 26, 2012

    You have gorgeous brows! I love your site, check mine out when you get a chance. The link is: http://www.beautypatootie.com 🙂

    • Thank you very much! Your blog is awesome. =)

      • elizbsch4

         /  January 27, 2012

        Thank you! Be sure to subscribe if you really like it, I’m doing a Sephora gift card giveaway, feel free to sign up! 🙂

      • Cool done. – and tweeted about it.

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