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No Computer = Foodie Phone Entry

Hey guys! I’m still sans computer! That’s what happens when you a. Fill up all your memory b. swap your hard drive and c. Don’t have the installation disc for your computer to recognize your back up from the external where you saved everything! Bah! I love apple computers but this was way harder than it would have been on a pc I must say. Part of my bad luck this week for sure. I was at internship when my MacBook completely filled up! I was sooo worried, I mean I AM trying to make a good impression and get hired. I really stressed myself out. Le sigh…. So tonight I am blogging from my phone. Let’s hope this WordPress app is good to me.

So today’s post won’t really have much to do with makeup other than to remind you that tomorrow is paint pot day! Yay! Hahah No, today is food goodness day. Gonna share some of the yummies I’ve had lately. I’m not a big foodie but I have great school friends that are so we eat a lot.

Indian food and Persian food!
20120121-211421.jpg tamales and champurrado!

What yummy indulgences have you all had? Any treats this weekend? And generally how is everyone’s weekend going?

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  1. Yana

     /  January 21, 2012

    Mmmmmm all that food looks so tasty!!! I can’t wait to finally learn more about paint pots!

  2. Linda

     /  January 22, 2012

    Ohhh they all look so good! I don’t know what champurrado is, but I do know I want some!!

    I must admit to eating a few home made banana splits this weekend… I can’t help myself. It’s a good thing I’ve run out of bananas and can’t be bothered going to the shops!

  3. Gerri

     /  January 22, 2012

    Oooh paint pots!! 😀

    Food-wise…I had chicken cacchiatore on Friday night with friends, chicken souvlaki on Saturday night, and Sunday night a Chinese New Year meal with my family. The CNY meall had all sorts of yummies such as the lucky CNY salad, spice crumbed prawns, mushroom salad, braise pork and duck. Nom nom nom…

    • I want everything you ate for the NY…if only my mind and stomach would agree to like the same things. Haha!


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