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What Brushes Should I Buy?

New Brushes? I imagine most of you lovely ladies have makeup brushes, but not everyone does! What should you start out with? What should you avoid? What do you need when you don’t really know much about applying makeup?

I am a pretty BIG fan of Sigma Beauty in general, but I think they’re perfect for beginners. Remember though I’m a. not a makeup artist and b. this is just my opinion on brushes, a professional may or may not agree with me.


Eye Shading Sigma E55

The E55 – Good for Crease, Outer V and Outer Lid


Tapered Brush E35

The E35 is a tapered brush, this one is particularly a smaller tapered brush, I have both this size and a larger, you can choose to get either or. I think it’s great for the lid and just patting down some color, I know some people like to blend with it too. I personally also love it for the outer lower lash, but for that you can also get a precision tapered brush.


Angled Brush E70

I use this brush for the crease conturing and for the inner corner of the eye.


Large Angled Brush

The F40 from Sigma is perfect for pressed or loose powder bronzer and blush.


Flat Top Kabuki Brush

If you use tinted moisturizer and or liquid foundation this is a great brush for that. Synthetic bristles for liquid products are the best! If you’re more of a powder girl go for the Kabuki Round Top.


Bronzer Brush

Sephora Professional Bronzer Brush #44 is great for that is a mineral cosmetic, it doesn’t pick up as much as the angled brush so it lets you modestly put it on your temples, chin and nose.


Sephora Professional Angled Liner Brush 15

For those of you who like gel liners, like myself, there are different brushes you can use. What works best for me is an angled brush such as this one.


Stila Complexion Brush

And last but not least the brush I have already blogged about before; Stila #33. This is what I call the best multi-purpose brush ever! You can use it for foundation, primer, cream blush, cream shadows, and concealer.

I hope I’ve been able to help any of you who are looking to buy new brushes or start a collection.

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  1. Gerri

     /  February 7, 2012

    Ooh this is great Fani! I have a couple of those brushes already. I absolutely love the E55, though I don’t wear eye shadow that often in my daily makeup, only for going out.

    Which brush would you recommend for mineral powder foundation?

    • The rounded top kabuki is probably good for powder foundation, though I see Yana says she uses her flat top. I know that for my mineral bronzer I prefer the rounded top brushes. What are you using now?

      • Gerri

         /  February 8, 2012

        At the moment I’m using just a loose powder brush. I guess that would be ok. I will look into the kabukis when it’s time to change brushes. I pretty much just use 3 type of make up brushes – powder, F40 large angled brush, and E55 eye shading.

  2. Yana

     /  February 7, 2012

    Great job! I can’t believe I’ve never used an angle brush for my gel liner, easier wing I bet! I still need that Stila brush, grrrrr. Oh and Gerri, I actually use the flat top kabuki for my mineral powder foundation too!

    • Honestly Yana, you can find great cheap angled brushes. I’m not a big fan of cheap brushes, but sometimes to be cost effective I stray and get something at my local pharmacy. My current one I bought at CVS-Pharmacy! I have been more successful with angled liner brushes than with the ones.

      • Yanita

         /  February 8, 2012

        Ya, I have an angled brush from the Sonia Kashuk line at Target that I use for my eyebrow powder, but I should get another one to try with my gel liner. I’ve just always used the really thin eyeliner brush, but it’s near impossible to achieve a clean wing with it.

  3. You’re are the best Fani! Thank you for this article…definitely a good starting point for me 🙂

    • Are there any brushes you want to get in particular…face? eyes? Both?

      • Definitely eyes and loos powder brush to start. My blush brush that I’ve had for a while is awesome. Taking a private makeup lesson next month.

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