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Jack Black Lip Balm

Jack Black Lip Balm? Jack Black as in the actor!? No… Not the actor. lol Helloooooooo! How is everyone’s Friday going?

So what is this lip balm by Jack Black I speak of? Why haven’t you heard of it? Where can you get it? Does it have benefits? What does it even look like? SO many questions! Let’s get to them!


Jack Black Lip Balms - Image from the Jack Black Website

Now isn’t that a lovely indigo blue packaging? Are you still like, where did she find this?? Well I find it at Sephora, in the MEN’S section! What was I doing in the men’s section? I really don’t know, sometimes in-store shopping overwhelms me and I start wandering. The fact that it’s in the men’s section of Sephora (or any store it’s sold in) is likely why you haven’t heard of it, unless your beau uses the shaving cream and other products from the skincare line, including this lip balm. If so, do share how he likes them. This brand was called Jack Black, before the actor became famously renowned; there is no relation from one to the other. The company was started by Curran Dandurand and her husband Jeff and another woman who’s name is Emily Dalton. From what I’ve read on their site, the name was chosen based on it’s easy approach-ability since 2000. 12 years later they are still around and have award winning products.


Award Winning Lip Balms (I happen to own both)

Their award winning Lip Balms include Lemon & Chamomile (men’s health award for 2009) and Natural Mint (men’s health award for 2007).

Other Jack Black Flavors Include:


Grapefruit with Ginger and Vanilla & Lavendar


Shea Butter & Vitamin E (new), Mango & Mandarin (new) and Black Tea & Blackberry

I’m excited about the mango and really really want to get it, though I’m currently stocked with two and so I really don’t need it, yet. The reason I was attracted to the product is because I have extremely dry lips, I pretty much bleed and shed year round; it can be very painful. I try a lot of things to keep them moisturized and thus far I have really liked this product, although marketed to men, the flavors are not err “man-specific?” Of course if you are sensitive to flavors or any of the ingredients for that matter, STAY AWAY! I don’t want any of you having a bad reaction. Know your bodies and system. The Jack Black lip balms include SPF of 25 and are made for dry chapped lips and or extreme weather areas. My experience has been very soothing to the skin and it help me a lot as my lips are usually a source of discomfort. As is true with anything I worry that I don’t know what the active ingredients are and like with most face products I choose to pick my battles by avoiding some and keeping others, it’s quite hard with cosmetics and Jack Black is one of my favorite products.

If the men in your life like to keep well groomed or YOU like to keep them well groomed check out some of their other stuff at http://www.getjackblack.com/

PETA also claims that Jack Black is “the very best grooming-products for men”

Do any of you have a product you like for moisturizing your lips that you absolutely are in love with?

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  1. Yana

     /  February 10, 2012

    Ohhh, I’m intrigued! I have a friend who has the same issues with her lips, will definitely tell her about this! Do you find that a lip product works for a few weeks and you get all excited, and then suddenly stops working? That’s what she’s had issues with….

  2. They typically just don’t work at all for me. It’s a really bad problem. Sometimes it hurts to fully open my mouth with a flare up. It’s not herpes of the mouth tho, it’s pure dryness. I need to research what could be causing it or ask my nutritionist teacher. I’ve also been putting on coconut oil at night…tell her to try that as well.

  3. Gerri

     /  February 10, 2012

    Oooh the flavours of the lip balms sound do yummy!!! I will have to check this out.

    I use Lucas’ pawpaw ointment if I have dry or cracked lips. One coat usually soothes the lips and make them better. I love it! Not sure if it is sold in the US. I know it is sold everywhere in Australia and the UK.

  4. gail

     /  February 16, 2012

    ooooh….i want to go and smell these. lol. but i will for sure look into them for the hubby who works on a mountain in russia and the 14 yr old boy who happens to be addicted to lip balm.
    of course, i first have to check to see if i can purchase them in canada. 😉


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