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Limoneira Lifestyles Skin Care

Limoneira? That’s what I said! I mean guys let’s be honest here, how many of us really look into our local small businesses? I know that I never really have, where do you start? I suppose google would be a good place. It typically doesn’t cross our mind. I heard about Limoneira from a friend I am in school with; she is from Santa Paula, California, where this line is produced. This town is rural and harvests citrus fruits among other agricultural things they do there. For those of you who don’t recognize the first 5 letters of the brand name Limoneira, it spells out lemon in Spanish. I personally needed a new moisturizer after throwing away my Philosophy one. (See earlier blog) I was going to get one from Sephora, but it so happened that in my skin and hair care class we need to do a project to compare a skin care product and this is where I learned about the Limoneira Lifestyles brand, my school mate said we should do that brand and that she would get the cleanser. I asked her for the Limoneira Lifestyle website as going to Santa Paula for just a moisturizer didn’t sound reasonable and voila I found a few products that sound pretty awesome.


Limoneira Lifestyles Logo Taken from Website

Their products include: an avocado honey lip balm, avocado face and body bar, lemon balm hand cleanser, lemon avocado body butter, lavendar avocado facial cleanser, avocado mask, lemon hand lotion and lemon balm moisturizer.


Moisturizer Bottle


A Dime Size Amount is All You Need

The bottle containes 3.4 fluid ounces or 101mL. It has a thin consistency but you do not need much to moisturize the face. A dime size amount is about all you need, unless your skin feels especially dry, but even then I doubt you need too much more. If you don’t like scents this is probably not a good product for you. At first I wasn’t happy about it, but man anything is better than the awful chemical scent the Philosophy product gave off. Citrus scents wake you up, which if you use this in the morning is perfect for you. I wouldn’t say it’s a good moisturizer for the night time, best to get a night cream if you feel the need unless of course the scent doesn’t liven you up then you can, nothing really wakes me up so I’m set. It’s $22 USD plus shipping and tax depending on where you live of course, some of you lucky ducks don’t need to pay tax (ahem Oregon).

I’m basically making two points a. AWESOME moisturizer and b. look into your local businesses, it’s not only great for you because now you’ve found a business close by to you but it’s also awesome for the local economy. I love the idea of supporting small businesses whenever possible. It’s not every day you find them, at least make an effort, you never know what great finds there are near you. (I don’t say this to sound preachy, I’m guilty as previously stated of not even thinking to look into the local stores or towns for products that I use on a daily basis.) I’m so glad I found them and while I wish stores around me carried their line, I’ll live with ordering from the internet for now.

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  1. nancy

     /  February 16, 2012

    This was such an amusing post and I agree! Look and support local vendors

  2. Gerri

     /  February 16, 2012

    Great post! And the products sound so yummy with all those ingredients in them! I do love citrus scents, so I will check them out 🙂

  3. Yana

     /  February 16, 2012

    Agreed, sounds awesome! I’m a sucker for lavender too.

  4. Kellie

     /  July 16, 2012

    My ex boyfriend brought me home the avocado facial wash and the avocado mask and I love it! I’m looking online for more now. Too bad he’s not my boyfriend anymore. haha


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