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Stila Cosmetics – What’s New


Today I thought it would be a good idea to pick a company and see what’s new in their line. It’s always fun to see what products have been released, so I decided to go with Stila. Stila has a sale going on right now, so it’s pretty perfect. No, I’m not sponsored by them, so they’re not giving me anything for promoting their sale. Just putting that out there. Sale code, if you’re interested is LEAPYEAR.


Luxe Gloss Fairy Dust $22

Comes in 4 colors, Fairy dust as state above and:


Dazzling Luxe Gloss


Bling Luxe Gloss


Tiara Luxe Gloss


Love At First Blush $14 (good price)






I love the name, the design and the color. I love pretty much anything that has hearts on it. It’s creative and came out around Valentine’s day, which was very good timing.


Bring Out Your Glam Eyeshadow $24

I am not too big on the colors, but I like the stars. Glam to me is smokey eye of greens and blacks and blues, with matter or shimmery highlights. Starlet – shimmery mauve, Ingénue – matte deep purple, Fame – matte black, Celebrity – soft shimmery silver, Cameo – shimmery nude pink, Heroine -metallic bronze shimmer, Tinsel Town – matte chocolate brown, and Black Tie – matte pink-beige.


Stay All Day 10-in-1 Beauty Balm $38

I’m not sure, based on description, what color this balm is, if it has any color at all. It does say it has a powdery finish, which could be good. I would have to see it. It’s rather large and therefore I think it’s $38 retail price is pretty affordable.

To see other new products from recently and the past couple of months check out “new stuff.

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  1. Gerri

     /  March 1, 2012

    I have the Stila All Over Shimmer Eyes Loose Eye Shadow which I absolutely love. Awesome gold shimmer, plus I am sure you could use it as a highlighter too on your cheeks. I can’t seem to find it on their website anymore though.


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