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Youngblood Cosmetics – Tarte Cosmetics – Smashbox Cosmetics and so on!

My Look For today


So these are all the products I’m wearing today! I love makeup and some days you just have to put on your face. I went to bed and woke up moody. Then someone put me in a worse mood! Awful! So what did I do, I made myself look pretty haha! Some of these are my favorite products…others are just what I have and don’t feel like replacing. Ahemjosielinerahem. And I know I have gushed about green primer to death, but it’s really helping me out today. I have some redness going on like crazy this week, and it’s super controlling that mess! How is your day going? Everyone treating you as they should? Do you use any of these products? If you don’t and I haven’t reviewed it… let me know and I will just for you 😉

Brands Include: Youngblood Cosmetics, Redhot Makeup, Josie Maran, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte Cosmetics, and Smashbox Cosmetics.

Me Today 3/30/2012


Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor) – Gossipy Post

Jennie Garth played Kelly Taylor in the [original] Beverly Hills 90210 (the good one tee hee). That doesn’t even show my age, because I shouldn’t of been watching it when I did haha. I love Kelly! Especially in the college years and afterward too. I can’t help but also loving Brenda, I mean how do you not love Brenda!? Anyway, I’m going on on a Beverly Hills 90210 tangent…let’s get back to Jennie.


Jennie Garth - Taken from People Magazine

I feel so sad for her. From what I’ve read she is devastated and really didn’t want the divorce. She seems to feel like her soon to be ex husband, Peter Facinelli, didn’t really want to work on the marriage anymore, after 11 years of marriage. Hell I’m devastated after a break up that’s no where near 11 years long when it happens, I can’t even fathom a marriage with children! From People Magazine: she still wishes Facinelli “had wanted to try harder, try again, try something else.” (Sigh, I sometimes wish divorce wasn’t an option (aside from serious situations like “he beats me” – and the sort, it just seems like people don’t try anymore. Vows mean something, otherwise don’t get married! Yes, it is that simple, don’t argue with me, because I will delete your comments.)


Jennie and Peter - He's such a pretty boy...not my type fyi.. lol

From the looks of it, this dude let Twilight movies get to his head. Um kid, no one even knows who you are. The movies weren’t famous because of you…just sayin’! Hopefully he regrets it, but for now, he’s the one who filed for divorce, so clearly this is really on him.

“I can’t change it. I can’t be sad and stay in bed about it anymore. I have to move forward,” – People Magazine. “I’m slowing finding my own voice again…There are days when it seems I got it all figured out and days when I lose sight. I just have to keep on my path.” —> Makes me sad to know how she feels, not so much because of who she is, but because having a heavy heart and children and knowing person you want to grow old with doesn’t want to grow old with you seems like a lot to bear. =(  — “I’ve gone through my darkest parts and I’m coming out of it,” she said. “I’m okay. I don’t know what the future holds, but then I’ve never been a planner. And maybe that’s a good thing.” – People Magazine

She’s gonna be on the CMT channel doing a reality show with her daughters in the country: Jennie Garth – A Little Bit Country. Apparently the ex will not be in it, but there will be some goings on about the split. I’m kind of a family reality tv junkie… (ahem Bethenny Ever After ahem) so I’m going to check if I have the channel and watch.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I have always been afraid to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, polish strips that have become popular in the last year – I actually don’t even know where I got these! The person I thought gave them to me didn’t so they have mysteriously ended up in my possession. I’m not the best at doing my nails and I could imagine myself messing up and wasting monies on beautiful strips. Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects has so many fun designs, but I had always really just wanted to try the “laced-up.” Salon Effect’s comes with 16 Nail Polish Strips, a cuticle stick, and mini buffer/file. I was really really nervous to even open up the box they come in because I know me, and I know how clumsy I can get and mess up!



Luckily, I am happily surprised with how easy Sally Hansen made this product to work with! Directions state to pick the right size fitting sticky for your nail sizes, peel off the cover and break the silver tab, so as to be able to pick the best side of the sticky to use. You simply stick it to the respective nail and use the buffer to shape it to your nail! No need to have scissors to cut it down or anything that could be sticking out, just the buffer to smooth the sticky over and it creates a perfect crease around the nail. Five easy steps, select, peel, break, apply and shape, for pretty pretty Salon Effects nails. They are meant to last you up to 10 days, I honestly believe it has a lot to do with your everyday activities as well and how will you put them on. For it being the first time for me it definitely wasn’t perfect, however as previously mentioned I was quite impressed at how easy it is to do. I added a sixth extra step by adding a top coat to the stickies. I’ve heard some people put a base coat too! I’m somewhat of a dud when it comes to nail art, for as much as I love it. For some of us it won’t make it to 10 days while for others it definitely will. Sally Hansen Salon Effects retails for around $9 and can be found at places like Target, Rite Aid and CVS.


Here are my lil nails!

What’s in your Makeup bag that makes you SHINE?

Lipstick? Luminizer? Eyeshadow? Glitter!? What gives you an extra boost?

Yesterday was about what product you just can’t be without, well what about when you’re fully made up and you’re having a bad day? Is there anything in your makeup kit that completely affects how tall you stand? If so, what is it, and why do you think it does that for you? Is it the color, the make…what?


Intense Eye Glitter


Strong Blush and Bright Eyes - Rihanna


Large False Lashes


So what is it? Do you have an amazingly awesome pigmented gloss you know will do the trick? I believe for me the pick me up is definitely hot pink lipstick. I think it helps liven me up so that when I look in the mirror I’m a bit more confident. We all have days where we do not feel too great and need a little something to boost our self esteem (aside from retail therapy). I truly believe everyone looks good in hot pink lipstick, whether it’s their preference or not is another thing. Tell me what picks you up!!!


Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad Rocking Hot Pink Lips!


Eyeliner Does it for Me

Eyeliner is the one thing that if I’m not wearing any other makeup I must have. I think eyeliner makes me look awake and it makes me feel pretty regardless of having primer or blush or lipstick even. I feel naked without eyeliner on, although on no makeup days I won’t wear that either.

I like wearing eyeliner winged since high school…I’ve been out of undergrad for about 3 years, so that’s a good chunk of time that the winged aka the cat eye look has been my choice style regardless of it being “in” or not.


Winged eyeliner and red lips.

Check out how pretty the girl above looks. Classic and beautiful. Red lips to boot!


Here are some different ways to do the cat eye.

Each of the above convey a different look even if they’re all called “winged” or “cat eye.” Some are thick other very thin. Some are not as long as others, whatever the case I think it’s a great look for everyone if they want to try it.

I like using different types of eyeliners, especially gel liners. I’ve used the MAC and Stila gel liner in the recent years. I also use liquid liners every now and then ie Almay and Josie Maran. As I’ve said before I prefer gel liners, except they do dry after awhile, which can get annoying! You have to pick at them to get it to not come out dry. I wish pots were a bit smaller and cheaper! But, it is what it is and what can ya do?

Is there any product that you can’t go without? If someone made you give up makeup EXCEPT one item, what would it be??

Eye Shadow Under the Eye

One of my favorite looks [fads] that comes and goes each year is having some color under the eye not just on the lid, crease and etc.


Here is Michelle Tratchenberg with a pine-ish green under her eye, which is my personal fav color to have.


For me in particular greens and teal work best, though I do like using a bronze now and then. Products that I have blogged about in the past of product you can use for this are the Almay Intense i-Color and the Tarte smolderEYES. Since they’re pencils both retractable or not, are easy to apply, however if you have a pressed shadow you really love a really thin brush works too! Just like when you do a smokey eye. I have a couple of pressed powders that I love to use, so there are a lot of ways to achieve this look. Loose powder is not as easy, because it can get a bit messy if you’re not use to it, but wet your brush a bit and it won’t take much product to achieve the look.


Example with teal smokey eye.



An example using purple.



Here is Kate Hudson with a bronze brown color by Almay.


Auspect Skin Care

Hey all! No post here today but I do want you to check out my review on Auspect Skin Care on mybeautybunny.com!

Stila Long Wear Lip Color

Stila is usually known for it’s glosses, but I gotta say I really like their Long Wear Lip Color. They carry it in 14 shades! That’s pretty crazy. I only own one, for now, eventually will be picking up other colors. When I first got it some months ago I happened to have a discount code and picked it out to try it. I like that a. it’s not a gloss and b. it’s not as bulky as lipsticks tend to be regardless of being taller and c. it’s retractable like lipstick should be..


Serenade Shade

The shade above is the one I happen to own myself. Below are all the shade colors you could imagine. I love that there is such a huge selection. Now which should we get next kiddies?! It’s a soft creamy formula that easily slides on to the lips.


Stila Long Wear Lip Color Shades

Now I know the color looks orangie on the image 1, but check it out on me! You can’t always base it on how it looks on the casing. Colors change when they are on you based on your complexion. Some colors are beautiful, but once you have it on it could really wash you out or surprise you and look amazing on!

Serenade on me.

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum

Tarte Smooth Operator was mentioned in the illuminizer post from before! Well here we have a 2nd video filmed consecutively with the previous video from yesterday’s post. This one moves fairly quickly and again isn’t a tutorial. I’m not sure that the video does this product justice, but I gave it a whirl. I’ve found a new love for luminizers. I believe that they give me a healthy glow in the middle of dry season. Los Angeles can get pretty windy, especially when the Santa Ana’s are blowing and unless the weather is hot my skin is dry dry dry! Looking dewey makes me look healthy! I love it! Have any of you gone out and tried one of the luminizer products mentioned before yet?


Tarte's Illuminating Serum!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Anastasia Beverly Hills is my favorite eyebrow pencil to date. Nothing has been able to match it. Not that long ago a few people asked me about the eyebrow makeup I use, because they thought they looked nice in pictures. When I mentioned it was a pencil and not a powder they were surprised. I’ve never really like the powders too much and usually pencils seem to be orangie, which also bugs me. Along comes Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette in one of my shopping visits to Sephora.


Anastasia Brow Wiz


Shades as per Sephora shows them

I decided to try to make a video for you ladies to show you how I go about doing my eyebrows and the process I go through before that. This is part 1 of a video that I am doing for another product post. It’s clearly amateur-like, but I hope it’s somewhat helpful. In the future I will get better at this video thing, if you like it. Have an amazing weekend!

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