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Pharmacy Cosmetics – Almay

Almay makeup anyone?

My original post today was two compare two similar primers from Smashbox and Make Up For Ever, but as luck would have it I left my bag of makeup at home. Doing so much good there, right? Boo! Usually I don’t wear makeup on Fridays but today I had an errand to run around lunch time and wanted to put a little eyeliner and brow pencil on aside from the primer to compare and take pictures for. Clearly this has not worked out, but I will work on it this weekend or sometime next week.

What did I end up doing instead? I ran to the corner Walgreens and got myself some color and a liquid liner from Almay. Why Almay? They had a 50% discount! Since it’s makeup I’m likely only going to keep here at work in case I forget my bag some other time. So what did I get?


Intense I-Color Shadow Stick

I didn’t get those colors you see in the picture. The two duos I got are the following:

Duo for Hazels

Duo for Browns

So what do we think about the payoff for an $8.00 color duo stick? (I got it for $4.00 plus tax – Yay sales!) A. the pink is not going to have the same payoff as it looks on the stick. This is fine, you can use it as a highlighter, but don’t expect a rich pink. Also it clearly crumbles easy with too much of a hard press. I love the brown, and the payoff is exactly what you see, which makes me happy. The Duo for Browns has better pay off as well. Not the green crumbled with too hard of a press, but otherwise looks very pretty along side to the gold, which on the stick appear more like an ivory cream than a gold. Colors for the line include: duo for blues, duo for browns, duo for greens and duo for hazels.


Almay Intense I-Color Liquid Liner


Black Pearl For Hazel

The payoff for the liquid liner is descent. You have to apply twice to get a full line and possibly three times if you are trying for a cat eye. There are four colors including Black Pearl: brown topaz for blue eyes, purple amethyst for brown eyes, and raisin quartz for green eyes. Clearly the selling point is to tell you that it is for a certain color eye, this is just marketing, use whatever color pleases you. Whatever color you think would look best on you or matches your wardrobe for the day. The same goes for the i-color duo above.

What pharmacy makeup do you use? Do you even care for it? Is it taboo? Is it all you use? Let me know!

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  1. panchamora

     /  March 2, 2012

    I’m LOVIN’ the new design! great job! and ur hands look like you got into some kind of makeup accident haha! anywho…this look is super chic!

  2. Gerri

     /  March 6, 2012

    The only pharmacy cosmetics that I use often is the Maybelline brand. I wouldn’t say it is taboo to use pharmacy cosmetics. I think if it is affordable and does its job then why not use it? One of the other brands that we can get in pharmacies over here is Revlon, which is in itself a pretty reputable brand. So definitely not a problem.


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