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Smashbox versus Make Up For Ever – Primer


I’ve been wanting to write about primer for weeks now and for one reason or another I haven’t been able to. It’s been a hectic week and I’ve missed you all.


Smashbox Primer Color Corrector


MUFE Primer 1













Do any of you girls where primer? If so, what are the reasons you do and which do you use?


As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I have patches of red on my skin and therefore am always looking for something to make the skin tone of my face more even. In comes Smashbox Primer Color Corrector, of their photo finish line. It’s completely unscented in a tube of 1fl. oz. In pea colored green. If you recall a previous post about the color wheel, I mention how green is meant to counteract red when it comes to skin tone as they are complimentary. Half way down the bottle I thought to myself “I know Smashbox is known for their photo finish primer, but what about Make Up For Ever?” I decided that once I had finished 3/4 of the Smashbox Primer I would invest in the Make Up For Ever green primer to compare and blog about. The Make Up For Ever HD Primer “1 green” comes in 1.01 fl. oz in a heftier spherical component as you see in the above image. Due to the pearlescent bottle you cannot tell until you’ve pumped product out that it too is a pea green. So far, Make Up For Ever is the more attractive of the two products, but does that mean one is better than the other?


Left Smashbox - Right Make Up For Ever


In the Smashbox Primer there is more yellow to the green and the consistency of the product is thinner than that of the Make Up For Ever Primer. So how do they look blended into the skin?  In the following image you can see that the greens are actually quite different, one is much darker and creamier than the other. When you further blend the product the Smashbox all but disappears while the Make Up For Ever product is harder to rub in. One thing to note about the MUFE primer is that it DOES have a scent…it smells like soap. I find that to be weird and I was half confused about what I had put on my face. I thought, “did I accidentally put face cleanser on?”


Left Smashbox - Right Make Up For Ever


As luck would have it, I have been incredibly stressed with a few things in my life. That for me equals a crazy amount of physical changes. One is that I break out and look patchier than normal as you see to the left.

Less Red?

I would say there is less red to be seen in the latter pic. On the left of my face I use Smashbox Primer and on the right I used Make Up For Ever Primer. Which do you think looks like it worked best?

Of course after putting on primer I either put tinted moisturizer or foundation and magically I don’t look patchy at all. Ah the tricks women have to look splendid! 😉

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  1. I was going to message you about this the other day! I’m looking for a basic primer with no pigment to it…was wondering how the Mac compares to other brands like Smashbox, etc.

    • I would go with Smashbox. It is their baby. Their bread and butter comes from primer so they invest a lot of time and monies in it. Go with the non pigmented type and see how it works for you. I’ve used MAC before as well. I thought it was a bit heavy.

    • I like MUFE as well, they’re a bit heavier however, compared to smashbox, so choose what you’re looking for.

      • I’ll check out the Smashbox for sure. I have a lesson at Sephora next weekend so I’ll be checking out a bunch of stuff to buy. Just posted my first review about makeup…eek!

      • I see, well I hope your class is fun and that you learn a lot.

  2. Which is the best brand  makeup products as my skin is sensitive type as i wanted for the marriage function?

    • What do you mean by sensitive? Do products make you break out?

      If so stay away from organic/natural products. Those are never good for the 1% of sensitive skin people. A friend of mine has that problem.

      I would test a couple out to make sure you have no reaction a couple months before.

  3. Yana

     /  March 8, 2012

    The MUFE was a really bright green! I’ve never bought primer before, but I sure have noticed getting splotchier now that I’m getting, ahem, old… Smashbox, eh?

    • Yes, Smashbox is known for their primer. If you are patchy and it’s bothersome, I would try it. I am openly self conscious about it, and therefore found it helpful. Not older, wiser 😉

  4. Gerri

     /  March 8, 2012

    I usually use a clear primer under my foundation. I also use moisturiser as well. But I am unsure which one to put on first – primer or moisturiser. What would you suggest? And would you recommend the Smashbox primer or the MUFE one?

    • First moisturizer then primer. I would pick Smashbox over MUFE if you want a light primer or reverse it if you want a creamier product.

      What do you use now? How do you like it?


      Sent from my iPhone

      • Gerri

         /  March 8, 2012

        Great, I had been doing moistruriser then primer, but I wasn’t sure if that was the most effective way.

        I currently use Australis Primer (http://www.australiscosmetics.com.au/our-products/face/foundation/product?productId=30). I find it is pretty good to use. It’s very hydrating and makes my foundation look really smooth.

      • I think you should keep using it, but it’s good to alternate between two. Light are thick?

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Gerri

         /  March 8, 2012

        It is light. I wouldn’t mind getting a green primer for the times I have red splotches on my face. I noticed the MUFE and Smashbox primers come in a range of colours, but they don’t actually say what colours should be used when. Do you have any advice on this?

      • Oh! Check sephora website! They fully say what they’re for.


        Sent from my iPhone

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