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Tarte SmolderEYES – Amazonian Clay

Tarte Tarte Tarte! I love Tarte’s products!

I recently acquired the smolderEyes Amazonian Clay

from Tarte, in bronze! (I definitely need green btw)


smolderEyes in Bronze

Like most products nowadays it is a double sided pencil with a smudger to create the dramatic look you want. I’m not big on the smokey eye, because I don’t believe everyone can pull it off, as much as people say you can. I am one of those people and any honest person will tell you it’s not for everyone!!! HOWEVER, I apply it in the style of Twiggy.

Very 70s-esque. I just need to get the lashes down right and I’ll be a happy happy camper! …but that’s for another entry entirely.


It's slightly more bronze than it appears in this picture.


Liner Comes with Large Sharpener



Do Any of you use Tarte? I recently started to, and so far I’ve liked everything. I haven’t, however, used their eyeshadows. There will be more Tarte posts soon, perhaps tomorrow on other products I possess of theirs. The Tarte SmolderEYES really surprised me, because the edge doesn’t scratch my eye like many other pencils do. I also really appreciate the fact that the sharpener was included and I did not have to buy it separately. The smudger could be better and hopefully will be if it becomes a core item. I’m not sure if the Tarte Amazonian Clay is a seasonal product line. Check it out though at Sephora or Ulta or even their own website if you fancy shopping online. Sephora is also great about returns, if for whatever reason it isn’t your cup of tea.

FYI The Tarte SmolderEYES comes in golden black, bronze, plum, charcoal, brown, navy, olive and fig.

Have fun with Tarte Products they’re simple youthful, but not so much that a more mature generation can’t use them. If anything I believe Tarte cosmetics is the right amount of youthful, in the sense that they appeal to women from their mid to late 20s – 40s. Can you tell I’m a fan?

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  1. Yana

     /  March 8, 2012

    They look creamy like the UD pencils, definitely want to try this line!

    • Gerri

       /  March 13, 2012

      It does actually look creamy and really smooth to apply on. I may have to add this to my list to check out.


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