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Stila Long Wear Lip Color

Stila is usually known for it’s glosses, but I gotta say I really like their Long Wear Lip Color. They carry it in 14 shades! That’s pretty crazy. I only own one, for now, eventually will be picking up other colors. When I first got it some months ago I happened to have a discount code and picked it out to try it. I like that a. it’s not a gloss and b. it’s not as bulky as lipsticks tend to be regardless of being taller and c. it’s retractable like lipstick should be..


Serenade Shade

The shade above is the one I happen to own myself. Below are all the shade colors you could imagine. I love that there is such a huge selection. Now which should we get next kiddies?! It’s a soft creamy formula that easily slides on to the lips.


Stila Long Wear Lip Color Shades

Now I know the color looks orangie on the image 1, but check it out on me! You can’t always base it on how it looks on the casing. Colors change when they are on you based on your complexion. Some colors are beautiful, but once you have it on it could really wash you out or surprise you and look amazing on!

Serenade on me.

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  1. Yana

     /  March 19, 2012

    Oh I like!!! I have to say their glosses are pretty, but sticky, so I’d be happier with lipstick I think.

  2. Gerri

     /  March 19, 2012

    It’s a pretty colour on! When I looked at the colour chart, Serenade was one of the colours that I would like to try. I’d also like to try Adorable. How is the wear on this? Does it last long like the MAC lipsticks? Or is it more like glosses which come off after a bite of food?


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