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Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor) – Gossipy Post

Jennie Garth played Kelly Taylor in the [original] Beverly Hills 90210 (the good one tee hee). That doesn’t even show my age, because I shouldn’t of been watching it when I did haha. I love Kelly! Especially in the college years and afterward too. I can’t help but also loving Brenda, I mean how do you not love Brenda!? Anyway, I’m going on on a Beverly Hills 90210 tangent…let’s get back to Jennie.


Jennie Garth - Taken from People Magazine

I feel so sad for her. From what I’ve read she is devastated and really didn’t want the divorce. She seems to feel like her soon to be ex husband, Peter Facinelli, didn’t really want to work on the marriage anymore, after 11 years of marriage. Hell I’m devastated after a break up that’s no where near 11 years long when it happens, I can’t even fathom a marriage with children! From People Magazine: she still wishes Facinelli “had wanted to try harder, try again, try something else.” (Sigh, I sometimes wish divorce wasn’t an option (aside from serious situations like “he beats me” – and the sort, it just seems like people don’t try anymore. Vows mean something, otherwise don’t get married! Yes, it is that simple, don’t argue with me, because I will delete your comments.)


Jennie and Peter - He's such a pretty boy...not my type fyi.. lol

From the looks of it, this dude let Twilight movies get to his head. Um kid, no one even knows who you are. The movies weren’t famous because of you…just sayin’! Hopefully he regrets it, but for now, he’s the one who filed for divorce, so clearly this is really on him.

“I can’t change it. I can’t be sad and stay in bed about it anymore. I have to move forward,” – People Magazine. “I’m slowing finding my own voice again…There are days when it seems I got it all figured out and days when I lose sight. I just have to keep on my path.” —> Makes me sad to know how she feels, not so much because of who she is, but because having a heavy heart and children and knowing person you want to grow old with doesn’t want to grow old with you seems like a lot to bear. =(  — “I’ve gone through my darkest parts and I’m coming out of it,” she said. “I’m okay. I don’t know what the future holds, but then I’ve never been a planner. And maybe that’s a good thing.” – People Magazine

She’s gonna be on the CMT channel doing a reality show with her daughters in the country: Jennie Garth – A Little Bit Country. Apparently the ex will not be in it, but there will be some goings on about the split. I’m kind of a family reality tv junkie… (ahem Bethenny Ever After ahem) so I’m going to check if I have the channel and watch.

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  1. During what season of the original Beverly Hills 90210 did Jennie Garth have short hair ?

    • Sorry for such a late response. The first season she went short was season 5 and never grew it out long again for the show. In the following season she had it even shorter actually.


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