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Sunshine Award!

I’m not 100% sure how it works, but I will do what the rules say!


The Sunshine Award comes with a few rules:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you!

Sunshine Award Logo


Thank you to Storybook Apothecary for nominating me on her blog!


1. Favorite color? Navy Blue and or Green

2. Favorite animal? Kitties of all types. (Cheetah!!!)

3. Favorite number? 7!

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Mineral water with salt and a lot of lemon.

5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.

6. My passion? Art, specifically drawing and painting – beauty as well

7. Prefer getting or giving presents?  I love giving gifts… but selfishly for the reactions. I get super happy when someone has an awesome reaction!

8. Favorite pattern? Polkadots… or Leopard print (very 1950s)

9. Favorite day of the week? Sundays, because currently it’s my only day off.

10. Favorite flower? Orchids and Cherry Blossoms

Who I nominate:

Random Reviews – I nominate her because I know her in person and she’s wonderful. I find that her blog is so diverse that it definitely deserves an award for that and many other things!

Look Pretty; Play Dirty – I also know and adore this blogger. She is a great blogger and person and has a lot of insight and experience in the beauty realm.

Studio Brow – This blog is really informative, which has lead me to keep up with it and nominate it.

Fashion by Cajus – Well, who doesn’t love fashion!? I love the different styles that are written about and how it targets different people. I have recommended it to fashion lover friends and all. ❤

Pinup Persuasion – This blog is pretty cool! I love everything pinup, vintage and retro – so to have a pinup fashion blog out there is pretty amaze.

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust – It’s a great blog that targets fuller girls. I mean how many blogs are there for beautiful fuller women, showing how beautiful being fuller bust and figure really is. There is always some sort of stigma with being fuller, well I appreciate that there is this blog to read.

A Oui Bit of Red – Great combination of beautiful fashion and makeup. I enjoy both a lot, which is why I find myself reading this blog all the time.

It’s Marie Clare – Fashion – makeup – food! Need I say more! A little bit of everything I love. Nom nom

Self Professed Product Obsessed – The honesty in every review is what I really appreciate in this blog. Beauty products shouldn’t be boasted when they’re not good, and I like this blog is so truthful.

Norah Loves Makeup – I think this blog is so clean and classy looking. I love the look and the content.


Mad Men – Far Away Places – Jane Sterling

Mad Men post of the week; on time this week!

Today I have to have to do Jane Sterling’s look. I mean she stood out the most, with her princess Lea look. Super futuristic – is it very 60s? Hmm…


Jane and Roger Sterling in Far Away Places - Season 5

What’s up with Jane’s look for the dinner party at her shrinks? What do you think of it?


Mad Men - Jane and Roger Sterling

Careful Spoiler Alert!

This week’s episode was trippy, wasn’t it? It was also a different approach that they haven’t done before. Following three of the main characters through out their day, but specifically having us follow each one separately rather than intertwined.

First there’s Peggy, who’s storyline pissed me off, because of how she was treated by the men she had to deal with. I’m so glad those aren’t so much the times anymore. She is a good copywriter and yet because she is a woman she is considered a condescending little girl. So I get why she went off to the movies to relax and get her mind off things. Apparently giving a guy a hand job in the theater helps too? That was odd, but for some reason not surprising from her. I don’t know why she does the things she does sometimes. It wasn’t exactly her best moment tho, however, I was happy that’s the job she gave him and not another kind, if you know what I mean. Her day ends with the new hire, Ginsberg, telling her that he was born in a concentration camp, but “that can’t be” so that he is truly from mars, and somehow ended up in an orphanage. That shit (excuse my language) was unexpected! They better play that up!

Roger Sterling. I love Roger and his tongue and cheek humor. He’s my type of douche. Roger ends up going to a dinner party he had to go to with Jane, because well, that’s his wife and she asked him. Of course Roger being Roger he didn’t pay attention and realize that it was going to involve and LSD desert. Different actions of his brought on different hallucinations. I want to watch again, because I’m sure I missed one or two. Eventually Roger and Jane, who as aforementioned, looked spacely, make it home to hang in the tub together still high and finally to Jane saying their marriage is over. Each were waiting for the other to say it. She didn’t remember in the morning but Roger sweetly reminded her of the events before heading out.

Don Don Don…. Typical man machismo, especially of the time. Of course because he IS the man and Megan is the woman, he doesn’t think to ask her whether she wants to get away for the weekend and rather tells her. They drive off and they stop at the diner that Roger had wanted to go to with Don, and cuts her off while ordering her desert and orders her something she doesn’t like. She tastes it says she doesn’t like it and Don gets pissy. Oh boo hoo Don, anyway at this point Megan is angry and makes a scene and Don storms off leaving her. Wtf Don!? Anyway he comes back and frantically looks for her, but she’s long gone on a bus home. When he gets home she doesn’t want to let him in so he breaks down the door and chases her around the house until they fall to the ground having a full on break down. Uh oh…..

Onto Jane’s Look:

Eyes: Stila Eyeshadow for the lid in Black Cat and highlight in Chinois

Face: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation in your skin tone color

Cheeks: Benefit Boxed Powder Bronzer in Hoola

Lips: Stila Silk Shimmer Gloss in Kitten

Wen Hair Products (Guest Post Jean P.)


Heya everyone!!! My fellow beauty junkie friend has done a q&a on WEN hair products for you. I’ve been wanting her to guest post for awhile and we finally were able to make it happen! I’m hoping there will be more posts by her to come… Passing it over to Jean!

By Jean Peplinski, Beauty Product Enthusiast

If you’ve seen the enchanting infomercials for the Wen Cleansing Conditioner, and like most, you’re an infomercial skeptic, you may have some questions. So, with many months of Wen experience under my hat, I’m here to help!


WEN Cleansing Conditioner


A: In a word, YES. It absolutely works. After decades of abusing my hair with drugstore dye, cheap styling tools, and too-frequent washing/drying, not even the most expensive salon shampoos could make it look good. After less than a week of using Wen, my hair was soft, bouncy, and even had a healthy shine. Two different professional hair stylists told me that my hair looks and feels quite healthy now, knowing that I still use cheap dye. I may not quite look like the super-shiny models in the commercial, but my hair definitely looks and feels better than ever before.


A: Warning, warning: DO NOT use the huge amounts that they recommend in their commercials and literature. They seriously tell you to use at least 48 pumps for shoulder-length hair! All the bad reviews I read before purchasing all said that they couldn’t rinse it out and their hair looked greasy – well no wonder, if you use that much of it! For my medium-thick, just-past-shoulder-length hair, I use about 11 pumps of the smaller bottle or 5-6 pumps of the big 32-oz bottle (yes, I order the large economy size now).

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s what you do: Rinse your hair very well and get it soaking wet with warm (not hot) water. Pump a “normal” amount of Wen into your hands and massage it gently all through your hair. It won’t get sudsy, but that’s okay – massage like crazy, rub your scalp, get it on every strand – it feels good, and it works! Then, just like the infomercial, comb through with a wide-tooth comb and twist it up into a clip so it stays out of the shower stream while you scrub your body, shave your legs, etc. Then give it a good rinse.

While it’s still soaking wet from the rinse, add a little bit more to act as a leave-in conditioner. The instructions say to add waaaaay too much (again); I think they’re just trying to sell it out faster. Just one scant pump will do for almost any hair. I only use about half a pump of leave-in for my whole head, and am very happy with the results.


A: This is VERY important: DO NOT ORDER DIRECTLY FROM WEN! While the company who makes the products does a top-notch job, the company who fulfills the orders has some pretty sketchy policies. You will be instantly required to sign up for an auto-delivery program that is not only near-impossible to get out of, but because they want you to use half the bottle for each shower, “refills” will ship way more often than you need them. And, one of my personal friends who loves the product refuses to use it now because of the rude, terrible service she got when calling them to fix an address snafu. Terrible customer service is an automatic do-not-buy for me from ANY company. So what’s a mop-headed girl to do?

Hop on the phone, TV, or computer and visit QVC. Their deals are pretty similar, they don’t require an auto-delivery contract (though it is available), and they stand behind their product. When my first order, a variety pack of different scents & formulas, came with one broken pump, they immediately refunded me the cost of that entire bottle. Wen is also available from several Amazon sellers, but based on my research, QVC had the best deals.


A: The infomercial claims that the basic Vanilla Mint formula is best for all hair types, but they make all different scents and formulas. Personally I loved the smell of the Vanilla Mint, but the Lavender works best on my color-treated, heat-damaged, naturally wavy hair. In fact, it’s the only product to ever make my natural waves look like soft gentle curls instead of frizzy kinks. I don’t adore the smell, but my hair looks so good that I’d still use it if it smelled like turpentine.

Which one is right for you? It may not be the one you think, so I suggest one of those variety packs of smaller bottles for your first order. They are always available from QVC, and you can split it with a friend or two who are equally intrigued by the Wen infomercials.


A: Well, I can’t tell you EVERYTHING in one post. Let’s save a little something for next time!


I think Wen’s biggest strength is looking wavy in the humidity, so I think the best examples are of my 2011 Florida vacation, which was very wet and rainy. I used Wen almost daily for the first half of the trip, then lost my bottle and went without for the second half. ALL vacation photos are after having spent the day in extreme humidity and pouring rain. I’m also including one “styled” photo – blown straight, then curled with a large barrel iron.


The Before

Wen post-rain

("Wen post-rain") was after getting caught in a humongous downpour for over an hour, then walking home in the post-storm humidity, and changing into a dry shirt and going back out for more drinking 🙂

Wen extreme humidity

("Wen extreme humidity") is again air-dried in Key West, while walking around all morning while the humidity was approximately 250%.

Wen blown straight

("Wen blown straight") is actually here in Michigan, blown dry and then styled with an $8 large-barreled Revlon curling iron.

Mad Men Signal 30 Megan’s Look

As I previously promised, here is our Mad Men post for the week! Megan Draper, Don’s 2nd, much younger, wife. This week Megan got Don to do a few things he would usually never do. Suddenly a good husband; man of integrity? Will it last? We shall see.

Some Spoilers. Beware.

This week was funny, when Pete got punched in the face. I laughed the entire fight in the conference room. I loved how Roger and Don, did nothing to stop, because it was truly amusing to them to. In the words of Joan, everyone at some point or another has wanted to do that. Although, we all know there was double meaning to her statement after Lane kisses her in his office and she classily puts a stop to it. I love Joan! What’s up with Pete being the tortured?! Sigh… he annoys me, but perhaps his story is leading somewhere other than just sleeping with a whore and being a sad sad man, who is not great at much. Peggy look phenom! I wanted to do her look this week, but no good pictures to show you came up and so I decided to go with Megan, who also looks great. I just love how much Peggy’s character has grown though.

On to the Look!


Megan and Don at Pete's

Lips: Youngblood Lipstick in Vivid

Cheeks: Blush Amazonian Clay in Exposed – Nude

Face: Laura Mercier Foundation Powder

Eyes: Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Evidence and Zephyr,  Tarte Cashmere waterproof Gliding Liner (the link goes to a tarte collection, but I believe you can find the liner on amazon or other beauty sites), and of course my fave brow pencil; Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz


Would you go for her look??

Make Up For Ever Lipstick… 42 Rouge Artist Intense

Where have I been!? Ahhh it’s been a minute since my last post. I haven’t even done my MAD MEN post of the week! Perhaps later today. 2 posts in one day? What? heheh

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been entering the giveaway! Tell your friends to enter too! Good Luck! Also make sure you’re following the rules, so your entry counts!

So what am I talking about today? More red lipstick… sadly one to stay away from. It wasn’t until after I bought Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense, that a friend happened to tell me hers never last. I still decided to give it a chance, with no luck.


MUFE Rouge Intense 42

So pretty right?

BUT, it doesn’t last at all and it ran a bit too. I was very sad about it and constantly have to reapply. I don’t understand why it has soooo many ingredients either. I’ve used other lipsticks that do last with far lest ingredients. Maybe that’s the problem! Whatever the case, I don’t really recommend them, especially not for $19.

Anyone have a similar experience with their lipsticks, or any other brand for that matter? Do tell!

My Vintage Purse Holds SO Much Makeup

Hi All!!!!

Quick reminder before I get to today’s post!

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!!! Deadline is MAY 2nd and I will announce the winner the 12th!


How is everyone’s weekend going?? Monday is just a few hours away from some of us, though I know some of my foreign readers are already knee high into Monday! I hope everyone’s week starts up wonderfully. I highly apologize for not being on lately. This was a hard week on me, but this week promises to be much more pleasant. Can I just say that the fact that I have one day with 12 hours of school to do followed by the ability to sleep in a bit the next day, because internship starts later in the day than my job does makes me a happy camper!

Well for any of you who do not know me, I am a vintage lover, real and repro. I also have a slight addiction to etsy and so I vintage shop for bags there and hair accessories, as well as window shop for so much more vintage. ie. future furniture I’ll get and etc


My Purse

While I’m not here to promote the seller, as this IS a beauty blog and not a fashion one, I must say LOOK AT ALL THE COMPARTMENTS. Purse makers from way back when were smart = small compact bag with 5 pockets that fits an infinity of things! Nothing bulky and ostentatious.

So what make up is in there, that I must say, I easily find??? Well because I’ve been working on a few reviews I’ve carried a little bit of everything!

Sue Devitt Bronzers, Ferro lip gloss, blush and bronzer, and product that I personally use! ie. Red lipstick from Smashbox, my Tarte eye liner, MUFE concealer, lastly the pulse point Boyfriend fragrance…. and the brushes I use to apply the products as well as moisturizer. Oh did I mention I also have a graphic novel, my wallet, keys and school ID in there too. You would never guess right? And it closes no problem… AMAZING purse. Why don’t designers do practical and beautiful much anymore. What do you carry in your bags? Does it get lost easily in there? I have absolutely no problem finding my stuff. This purse was sent from above! I spent under $20 for this bag…I mean come on I’ve spent 6x that on less practical purses. Have any of you ever made a practical buy that you wanted to just scream for ever spending a million times more before? I won’t lie tho, I’m a purse hoarder and I’m sure I’ll spend a wad again, but I’m ever so in love with my vintage bags right now!

I want to let you know that a few more of the brands I’ve mentioned on here will pop up on My Beauty Bunny as contributing posts and I will definitely link you.

Did Someone Say Youngblood Cosmetics GIVEAWAY!?

Youngblood Cosmetics is joining with me in bringing you an awesome giveaway! Great items that come a long with a very nice/flashy clutch!


Check out this lovely clutch!


Eternity Quad
Colors include: Silken (top left), Quartz (top right), Spice (bottom left), and Mink (bottom right).


Lipstick (Vixen),Black Intense Color Liner, Taffeta Cream Blush and the Quad.


Awesome Prizes - Full size!


Image Provided by YBskin


Eternity Eye Shadow Quad

Taffeta Creme Blush

Vixen Red Lipstick

Intense Color Black Liner

The Rules!

1. Like Younblood Cosmetics on Facebook

2. Like My Blog FB Page

3. Follow my blog with either your blog through WordPress if you have one or with your email!

  • Message my facebook page with either your blog link or email so that I can verify that you have in fact followed the blog and by messaging me I can check to see if you have in fact liked both facebook pages.

4. Go onto the Youngblood Cosmetics website and check out their stuff then leave a comment on this post saying what you like about their page and products that would make you either a. want to try them or b. continue to use them!

How the winner will be picked!

The current PR assistant and myself will read your comments and verify that you have done rules 1 – 3 as well and then one winner will be selected from all entries! PS. if you have twitter please follow both Youngblood Cosmetics and H2B.

Mad Men – Mystery Date – Joan’s Look and Awesomeness

Mad Men was on again last night! Ya’ll know what that means…I have to a. do a tiny recap and b. pick one of the beautiful women in the show and try to recreate her makeup look!

Spoiler Alert: skip if you haven’t watched!

Um did that Don scene make anyone else squirm a bit? Don worries me, especially because his psyche is all out of wack-dreaming such a thing! Even if he is sick! I read on tv-recaps that it was a parallel to the side story line of the Chicago murders and how the sole survivor hid under the bed…except for Don’s former lover was dead under the bed, with one shoe on – la Cinderella (theme of the episode).

Now to the beautiful Christina Hendricks’ character Joan! How proud is everyone of her today? I mean it’s about friggin’ time she put that  husband of hers in place. I mean who marries their rapist!? Anyway, I’m glad he’s not the baby daddy and that it’s Roger, even if he has his very very bad moments. Also how funny that Peggy made him shell out a bunch of cash. Go Peggy!!!!

Ok NOW to Joan’s Look!


Joan in the Mystery Date Episode

Let’s try to recreate Joan’s look:

Eyes: Incredible Wear Gel Liner by Youngblood Cosmetics in Eclipse — Tarte SmolderEYES in Bronze — Stila Eyeshadow in Poppy

Face: NARS Torrid Blush – Youngblood Pressed Powder Foundation in Barely Beige

Lips: Kat Von-D in A-Go-Go


Joan and her Mom

Let’s see… I don’t normally (in the last like 2 mad men posts, hah!) add a dress to go with the look, but I feel compelled!


Ruby Red Ella All Wrapped Up Dress - Unique Vintage - click on image to go to page


Billion Dollar Dress - Stop Staring - Click on image to go to page

Tarte Review on My Beauty Bunny – By Yours Truly

Tarte review! Are you really surprised? Here is an excerpt from the review and for more head on over to My Beauty Bunny.

Tarte Cosmetics is EASILY one of my favorite cruelty free makeup brands, if not my ULTIMATE favorite. One thing I had never tried from Tarte are the eyeshadows because I’ve always used other brands. Now I have to say I’m a convert for sure!

The Envoke Smoke eyeshadow quad (part of the Miracle of Maracuja set from QVC)

Read more from My Beauty Bunny: http://www.mybeautybunny.com/tarte-envoke-smoke-eye-shadow-quad-cashmere-gliding-liner/#ixzz1rWSZCTEB

Make Up For Ever Blush Powder Irish Green 93

MUFE green blush!? Really? It’s a beautiful green, I must say. I had been looking for a beautiful teal green for an eyeshadow or “Irish Green” and when I first picked it up a few months ago I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that it’s a blush rather than a shadow, but that’s fine with me! Make Up For Ever doesn’t carry the same beautiful green in shadows; I would say it falls somewhere in between their “Turquoise Shimmer” and “Turquoise Matte.” Irish Green is a matte blush, that I’ve yet to ever use as blush, perhaps one of these days I’ll “go wild” so to speak and try it in that form, for now I use this product as an eyeshadow.


MUFE Irish Green


What do you think, beautiful or what? But, does it work as an eyeshadow? I would say it’s more of a day shadow than an evening one for sure. The pay off isn’t great, but that could be because of the fact that it’s meant to be a bit more sheer blush than shadow. It comes off through out the day, but I wet the brush before applying because it has a little more give that way and I’m sure if you were to use primer it would be more effective. I’ll definitely continue to be on the look out for a better shadow in the same green as this, I love it, it’s in season and it will be wonderful for the summer as well.


I hope all of you have a great Easter Sunday!!!


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