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Smashbox Legendary Lipstick

Smashbox Legen – wait for it – dary Lipstick. Haha ok that’s not the real name; it’s just “Legendary,” but I actually only bought if for 2 reasons a. you can’t have enough red lipstick and b. it’s called legendary! (How I Met Your Mother) HIMYM fan!

Anyway my little readers, I just can’t get enough red lipstick in my possession, I mean can you!? No, right? That’s what I thought.


Legendary Lipstick by Smashbox

I love the casing and component it comes in; classyyyy. It’s somewhat of a soft touch case that clearly reads smashbox on one side of case and when open the tube has chrome colored shelling. The actual lipstick is a creamy pinkish red rather than true red as you can see in the image below. Smashbox’s legendary is a very creamy lipstick almost gloss like and easily covers up the lips without too much product. My only worry is in hot weather, will it melt easily too? I will find out I’m sure, but I hope never to forget it in the car! I personally enjoy how creamy it is, due to what I’ve mentioned in previous posts about how dry my skin and lips can get; matte doesn’t really flatter me the way creamy lipsticks do.


Legendary Lipstick Swatch

It’s funny how the Legendary lipstick looks a little more orangy than does the swatch does, the pay off is a bit deceiving, but I prefer pinkier colors and the images I saw of it on the Sephora site were more true to color as well as the image provided by the Smashbox Cosmetics site. Excuse the funny shape of the stick, I promise Smashbox lipsticks don’t look like that, I dropped it and it dented it! Such a clutz I am. I almost knew this would happen and was weary of taking this picture, but I wasn’t getting any other good shots so I went for it. The things I do for you guys! Haha! I kid-I kid.

Well my dears, I wish you a very awesome Friday and a very wonderful Holiday weekend!

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  1. Gerri

     /  April 8, 2012

    Oooh looks like a nice red! Would love to see how this looks on you!

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