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Mad Men – Mystery Date – Joan’s Look and Awesomeness

Mad Men was on again last night! Ya’ll know what that means…I have to a. do a tiny recap and b. pick one of the beautiful women in the show and try to recreate her makeup look!

Spoiler Alert: skip if you haven’t watched!

Um did that Don scene make anyone else squirm a bit? Don worries me, especially because his psyche is all out of wack-dreaming such a thing! Even if he is sick! I read on tv-recaps that it was a parallel to the side story line of the Chicago murders and how the sole survivor hid under the bed…except for Don’s former lover was dead under the bed, with one shoe on – la Cinderella (theme of the episode).

Now to the beautiful Christina Hendricks’ character Joan! How proud is everyone of her today? I mean it’s about friggin’ time she put that  husband of hers in place. I mean who marries their rapist!? Anyway, I’m glad he’s not the baby daddy and that it’s Roger, even if he has his very very bad moments. Also how funny that Peggy made him shell out a bunch of cash. Go Peggy!!!!

Ok NOW to Joan’s Look!


Joan in the Mystery Date Episode

Let’s try to recreate Joan’s look:

Eyes: Incredible Wear Gel Liner by Youngblood Cosmetics in Eclipse — Tarte SmolderEYES in Bronze — Stila Eyeshadow in Poppy

Face: NARS Torrid Blush – Youngblood Pressed Powder Foundation in Barely Beige

Lips: Kat Von-D in A-Go-Go


Joan and her Mom

Let’s see… I don’t normally (in the last like 2 mad men posts, hah!) add a dress to go with the look, but I feel compelled!


Ruby Red Ella All Wrapped Up Dress - Unique Vintage - click on image to go to page


Billion Dollar Dress - Stop Staring - Click on image to go to page

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  1. Gerri

     /  April 9, 2012

    I have Incredible Wear Gel Liner by Youngblood Cosmetics in Eclipse and it is amazing!!! So excited to finally start watching the new season!! 🙂


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