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My Vintage Purse Holds SO Much Makeup

Hi All!!!!

Quick reminder before I get to today’s post!

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!!! Deadline is MAY 2nd and I will announce the winner the 12th!


How is everyone’s weekend going?? Monday is just a few hours away from some of us, though I know some of my foreign readers are already knee high into Monday! I hope everyone’s week starts up wonderfully. I highly apologize for not being on lately. This was a hard week on me, but this week promises to be much more pleasant. Can I just say that the fact that I have one day with 12 hours of school to do followed by the ability to sleep in a bit the next day, because internship starts later in the day than my job does makes me a happy camper!

Well for any of you who do not know me, I am a vintage lover, real and repro. I also have a slight addiction to etsy and so I vintage shop for bags there and hair accessories, as well as window shop for so much more vintage. ie. future furniture I’ll get and etc


My Purse

While I’m not here to promote the seller, as this IS a beauty blog and not a fashion one, I must say LOOK AT ALL THE COMPARTMENTS. Purse makers from way back when were smart = small compact bag with 5 pockets that fits an infinity of things! Nothing bulky and ostentatious.

So what make up is in there, that I must say, I easily find??? Well because I’ve been working on a few reviews I’ve carried a little bit of everything!

Sue Devitt Bronzers, Ferro lip gloss, blush and bronzer, and product that I personally use! ie. Red lipstick from Smashbox, my Tarte eye liner, MUFE concealer, lastly the pulse point Boyfriend fragrance…. and the brushes I use to apply the products as well as moisturizer. Oh did I mention I also have a graphic novel, my wallet, keys and school ID in there too. You would never guess right? And it closes no problem… AMAZING purse. Why don’t designers do practical and beautiful much anymore. What do you carry in your bags? Does it get lost easily in there? I have absolutely no problem finding my stuff. This purse was sent from above! I spent under $20 for this bag…I mean come on I’ve spent 6x that on less practical purses. Have any of you ever made a practical buy that you wanted to just scream for ever spending a million times more before? I won’t lie tho, I’m a purse hoarder and I’m sure I’ll spend a wad again, but I’m ever so in love with my vintage bags right now!

I want to let you know that a few more of the brands I’ve mentioned on here will pop up on My Beauty Bunny as contributing posts and I will definitely link you.

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