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Mad Men Signal 30 Megan’s Look

As I previously promised, here is our Mad Men post for the week! Megan Draper, Don’s 2nd, much younger, wife. This week Megan got Don to do a few things he would usually never do. Suddenly a good husband; man of integrity? Will it last? We shall see.

Some Spoilers. Beware.

This week was funny, when Pete got punched in the face. I laughed the entire fight in the conference room. I loved how Roger and Don, did nothing to stop, because it was truly amusing to them to. In the words of Joan, everyone at some point or another has wanted to do that. Although, we all know there was double meaning to her statement after Lane kisses her in his office and she classily puts a stop to it. I love Joan! What’s up with Pete being the tortured?! Sigh… he annoys me, but perhaps his story is leading somewhere other than just sleeping with a whore and being a sad sad man, who is not great at much. Peggy look phenom! I wanted to do her look this week, but no good pictures to show you came up and so I decided to go with Megan, who also looks great. I just love how much Peggy’s character has grown though.

On to the Look!


Megan and Don at Pete's

Lips: Youngblood Lipstick in Vivid

Cheeks: Blush Amazonian Clay in Exposed – Nude

Face: Laura Mercier Foundation Powder

Eyes: Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Evidence and Zephyr,  Tarte Cashmere waterproof Gliding Liner (the link goes to a tarte collection, but I believe you can find the liner on amazon or other beauty sites), and of course my fave brow pencil; Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz


Would you go for her look??

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  1. Hey girl, I nominated you for a Sunshine Award!

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