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Make Up For Ever Lipstick… 42 Rouge Artist Intense

Where have I been!? Ahhh it’s been a minute since my last post. I haven’t even done my MAD MEN post of the week! Perhaps later today. 2 posts in one day? What? heheh

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been entering the giveaway! Tell your friends to enter too! Good Luck! Also make sure you’re following the rules, so your entry counts!

So what am I talking about today? More red lipstick… sadly one to stay away from. It wasn’t until after I bought Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense, that a friend happened to tell me hers never last. I still decided to give it a chance, with no luck.


MUFE Rouge Intense 42

So pretty right?

BUT, it doesn’t last at all and it ran a bit too. I was very sad about it and constantly have to reapply. I don’t understand why it has soooo many ingredients either. I’ve used other lipsticks that do last with far lest ingredients. Maybe that’s the problem! Whatever the case, I don’t really recommend them, especially not for $19.

Anyone have a similar experience with their lipsticks, or any other brand for that matter? Do tell!

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  1. Yes! This lipstick doesn’t live up to the name MAKE UP FOREVER!


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