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Mad Men – Far Away Places – Jane Sterling

Mad Men post of the week; on time this week!

Today I have to have to do Jane Sterling’s look. I mean she stood out the most, with her princess Lea look. Super futuristic – is it very 60s? Hmm…


Jane and Roger Sterling in Far Away Places - Season 5

What’s up with Jane’s look for the dinner party at her shrinks? What do you think of it?


Mad Men - Jane and Roger Sterling

Careful Spoiler Alert!

This week’s episode was trippy, wasn’t it? It was also a different approach that they haven’t done before. Following three of the main characters through out their day, but specifically having us follow each one separately rather than intertwined.

First there’s Peggy, who’s storyline pissed me off, because of how she was treated by the men she had to deal with. I’m so glad those aren’t so much the times anymore. She is a good copywriter and yet because she is a woman she is considered a condescending little girl. So I get why she went off to the movies to relax and get her mind off things. Apparently giving a guy a hand job in the theater helps too? That was odd, but for some reason not surprising from her. I don’t know why she does the things she does sometimes. It wasn’t exactly her best moment tho, however, I was happy that’s the job she gave him and not another kind, if you know what I mean. Her day ends with the new hire, Ginsberg, telling her that he was born in a concentration camp, but “that can’t be” so that he is truly from mars, and somehow ended up in an orphanage. That shit (excuse my language) was unexpected! They better play that up!

Roger Sterling. I love Roger and his tongue and cheek humor. He’s my type of douche. Roger ends up going to a dinner party he had to go to with Jane, because well, that’s his wife and she asked him. Of course Roger being Roger he didn’t pay attention and realize that it was going to involve and LSD desert. Different actions of his brought on different hallucinations. I want to watch again, because I’m sure I missed one or two. Eventually Roger and Jane, who as aforementioned, looked spacely, make it home to hang in the tub together still high and finally to Jane saying their marriage is over. Each were waiting for the other to say it. She didn’t remember in the morning but Roger sweetly reminded her of the events before heading out.

Don Don Don…. Typical man machismo, especially of the time. Of course because he IS the man and Megan is the woman, he doesn’t think to ask her whether she wants to get away for the weekend and rather tells her. They drive off and they stop at the diner that Roger had wanted to go to with Don, and cuts her off while ordering her desert and orders her something she doesn’t like. She tastes it says she doesn’t like it and Don gets pissy. Oh boo hoo Don, anyway at this point Megan is angry and makes a scene and Don storms off leaving her. Wtf Don!? Anyway he comes back and frantically looks for her, but she’s long gone on a bus home. When he gets home she doesn’t want to let him in so he breaks down the door and chases her around the house until they fall to the ground having a full on break down. Uh oh…..

Onto Jane’s Look:

Eyes: Stila Eyeshadow for the lid in Black Cat and highlight in Chinois

Face: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Foundation in your skin tone color

Cheeks: Benefit Boxed Powder Bronzer in Hoola

Lips: Stila Silk Shimmer Gloss in Kitten

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