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NYX HD Concealer vs. Loreal Studio Secrets Anti Dull Skin Primer

Concealer? or Primer?

As some of you know I have a constant quest to find a good concealer or some sort of combo for my dark circles. If it isn’t allergies it’s because I’m tired with the addition of hereditary dark circles. In a previous post I’ve mentioned how the color wheel is your friend in these situations, so what I’ve done is gone out and purchased two orangy products to blend with my current MUFE concealer.


L’oreal Anti-Dull Primer


NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand


NYX Nutmeg Swatch

On the left: L’oreal Primer On the right: NYX Concealer

As you see in this picture, both colors make my eye look quite orange and strange. Probably not what you want from a concealer as usually you want it to even out with your skin. Right?

Loreal – NYX topped off with MUFE Lift Concealer #2

Here you see the orange has faded and my eyes start to look evened out some.

Final Result is topped off with Youngblood Natural Tinted Moisturizer


While in this last picture you can still tell I have dark circles, it is not nearly as bad as without anything on. The skin tone looks far better than without the products applied.







Did one work better than the other?

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  1. Hey girl, I see that you have dark circles; ME TOO! lol. I actually make a an eye serum in my shop >http://www.etsy.com/listing/95445434/new-snows-eternal-youth-diamond-eyes for this. Check it out if you have a free moment. 😀 Awesome post!


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