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The Body Bartender – Tattoo Protection

The Body Bartender’s creator/owner, Heather Losik, came to speak to my Entrepreneurship class this past week and baring gifts. Heather is a former model who started her own business 2 years ago and launched around the end of 2011 and is doing really well.


Image Belongs to The Body Bartender

For those of you who don’t know me I love pinup style and pinup art and pinup anything. I shop at vintage stores, vintage section of etsy, and vintage repro online/stores. Well The Body Bartender was story starts with a love for the style and the art that is pinups circa 1940-50, which immediately caught my attention. The other side of Heather’s story is directly related to a love for awesome beauty product packaging, wherein she realized there was no niche product for those of us girls who have tattoos…tadaah!


The Body Bartender Tattoo Protection – Image Belongs to TBB

As I said Heather came with gifts. We had an option of three products and I went with Tattoo Protection. I’ve had my tattoos for years now, but the one on my foot is always extra dry. I have very dry skin and ever since I got my tattoo my skin on my foot dries even easier and is more sensitive. So I jumped at the chance to try this product. It is basically an organic sun protection cream that doesn’t have a thick film and whose consistency moisturizes the skin .when it is healing and thereafter. Next time I can get a tattoo I’m going to try the Tattoo Polish.

My Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo

Something to note:

Image Belongs to The Body Bartender
Cute Tagline

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