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Too Faced Size Queen Mascara

Happy Monday (or Tuesday, depending where you are in the world.) How has everyone’s week started off?

I think I’ve never written up anything on Too Faced before. I don’t really use Too Faced products, but back a few weeks ago I went on a field trip of sorts to a company who gave my class and I Too Faced mascara and a Lorac product. So here I am today talking about this mascara of theirs!


Queen Size Mascara from Too Faced

I don’t think you can pick up, by the above image, how big the actual brush is! It’s huge! I believe it’s the larger than the height of my eye. I remember first opening it and being a little afraid of it, haha. Too Faced refers to the brush as “corkscrew bristles,” meaning it has short and long bristles. Even the packaging states it’s a “Gigantic Brush!”


Too Faced Queen Size vs. another typical brush

Honestly, I love the corkscrew idea. It’s interesting how it does separate the lashes somewhat better than a regular brush, but it’s intimidating. I was worried I’d stab my eye with it or that it would be messy and get all over my eyelid. Well, I didn’t stab myself (yay) and it didn’t get all over the place. One thing to note though, is that for those of who do our lower lashes too, it’s not smart to brush vertically, because then it WILL get all over the place. I suggest that you slightly sweep over them and you’ll be set!

Here is shot A of my eye after applying the mascara.


Here is shot B of my eye with the Queen Size product.


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  1. Gerri

     /  June 18, 2012

    What pretty packaging!! Plus the pay off looks great too when the mascara is on!

  2. wow how interesting! love big mascara wands!


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