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I’m Sorry

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to write to all of you to tell you that for personal reasons I won’t be blogging for awhile. I’m sorry; that entries have been so sparse. I’ll keep the fb page and post up articles and picture, but posts will rarely be done. I really appreciate everyone that has supported this blog and taken time in their day to read it and for those who commented or hit like, it has meant a lot to me. I really love writing on here, but for reasons out of my control I cannot keep on doing so for now.


Fall 2012 Makeup Look – Natural?

Hola hola!

Back from my Mexico mini vacay! What did all of you guys do for your weekend?

Alright, so the Fall is around the corner and there are varying looks that are “in” for the seasons, but today I picked to show you the natural look!

All images are taken from MarieClaire.com


Neutral eye shadow, light brown, evened out skin tone, clear lip balm , and a bit of a rosy blush.


Peach lipstick, hardly any blush, and a lighter neutral shadow than the image above.


What looks like lip balm, darker, but still neutral eye shadow, than the above, a bit of brightener on the cheeks mixed with light bronzer.


The following image is from the-fashion-street.com

natural look black woman

Here again there is a natural lip, a natural/neutral shadow with some definition done with eyeliner, and a touch of pinkish blush


How do you feel about the natural look? Can you and or will you rock it? Fall is one of my favorite seasons, because the cool weather comes along and isn’t too cold (not that it gets THAT cold here in LA), the leaves change colors in residential areas and look beautiful when they are tinted green and brown, and I believe the natural look is truly suiting of the season. You can flare up with color in your clothes if you like, but looking natural and not overdone is flattering for most women, in my opinion. Give it a try! You can send me pics done up in a natural look for a future post if you like!

Leaving on a Mini Vacay!

Hey all! I know, I know… where have I been? Well I’m a huge fan of the Olympics and have spent a LOT of time watching that. I watch at work and at home o_O and so I’ve been bad about posting. Sowwies ❤

Have any of you been watching them? What are your fav sports? I super love swimming, gymnastics, diving, soccer, basketball, marathon, track and field… I guess I could go on and on. Also, how cool have the manicures been!?!?! I wonder how often they’d redo it?


Awesome Olympic Player Nail Art

So as my post says, I’m going on vacay! The family and I are heading out to Rosarito tomorrow; and well a girls gotta pack essentials 😉

Lipsticks, blush, makeup brushes, etc

Will I need it all? Probably not, but better safe than sorry, I say!

Some concealer, primers, hair and skincare products! Always be prepared.

Really the point of the post is to hear from you! When you travel what do you take? Does it differ from place to place or do you generally take the same thing? For example I am going to the beach, and may not even wear any face primer or tinted moisturizer, but you never know-I could be going to a semi nice dinner and going au natural wouldn’t be appropriate. If it was colder weather I may have more skincare than just face cream and eye cream. Do you guys travel often to the point where you have it down to a T? Tell me everything!!!


I Apologize for the not so great pics, I couldn’t get good ones… =(


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