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Fall 2012 Makeup Look – Natural?

Hola hola!

Back from my Mexico mini vacay! What did all of you guys do for your weekend?

Alright, so the Fall is around the corner and there are varying looks that are “in” for the seasons, but today I picked to show you the natural look!

All images are taken from MarieClaire.com


Neutral eye shadow, light brown, evened out skin tone, clear lip balm , and a bit of a rosy blush.


Peach lipstick, hardly any blush, and a lighter neutral shadow than the image above.


What looks like lip balm, darker, but still neutral eye shadow, than the above, a bit of brightener on the cheeks mixed with light bronzer.


The following image is from the-fashion-street.com

natural look black woman

Here again there is a natural lip, a natural/neutral shadow with some definition done with eyeliner, and a touch of pinkish blush


How do you feel about the natural look? Can you and or will you rock it? Fall is one of my favorite seasons, because the cool weather comes along and isn’t too cold (not that it gets THAT cold here in LA), the leaves change colors in residential areas and look beautiful when they are tinted green and brown, and I believe the natural look is truly suiting of the season. You can flare up with color in your clothes if you like, but looking natural and not overdone is flattering for most women, in my opinion. Give it a try! You can send me pics done up in a natural look for a future post if you like!


Nurturing Force Face and Body Blots – Movie Victims

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope all of you are having a great day…but I definitely am keeping those who were involved in the massacre in Aurora, Colorado in my thoughts. It’s an awful situation; going to the movies with your friends at midnight is suppose to be something fun because it’s almost like an “event.” =(


Now I want to go on to review the Nurturing Force Face and Body blots. Hmm……. I’m not so happy guys.


Here are all 4 types: Top to Bottom – Unscented (pure) – Wellness (Aloe Vera) – Aromatic Rose – Fragrant Lavendar

Why am I not happy with these blotters?


A. Taken Apart


B. Main Problem; Doesn’t Tear Properly


Scissor didn’t help.

The pictures are basically self explanatory. The blots are suppose to come out of the slit and with the cap, which has spiky ridges (like foil paper containers) is meant to tear it. Well, my sheets wouldn’t tear properly and ended up jamming inside the container. Finally I gave up on digging for the sheets and broke it open. I thought it had to do with the container being flawed, making it difficult to take out the sheets, but no, it’s the paper. I don’t know if mine is specifically flawed or if this is a common problem. In the end I ended up grabbing scissor and lifting off the cover through the slit. Since I thought it was the actual container I thought to myself problem solved! Nope! even tearing the paper with my own hands turns into a crazy disaster and a waste of blotter sheets. I tried using scissors and it’s hard to even get the paper to cut, then it cuts a bit straight and of course after that it all goes to hell. They blot well, but it’s not practical and seems to be low quality to me. Honestly toilet paper is better, just grab it from the back of the packet and bam great blotter sheets!

In-Kind Sensitive Facial Cleanser



In-Kind is a Safeway brand that I found in Vons awhile ago. I haven’t been using it since it came out, because I didn’t even know it existed! Now I lovers it!


In-Kind Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Oat Extract

In-Kind products are advertised to be 90% natural with no:

* Parabens
* Sulfates
* Animal by-products
* Pesticides
* Phthalates
* Petroleum or petroleum based products
* Synthetic colors
* Mineral oil
* Synthetic fragrance

The Sensitive Facial Cleanser is all I’ve ever used by In-Kind so far. It smells oaty (probably bc it has oat extract), and doesn’t leave my face harsh and dry. I don’t really have sensitive skin, most people don’t (it’s a marketing ploy), but I like using products that are softer. Probably best to stay away from it if you are allergic to oats though, I don’t want anyone getting swollen eyes or hives!

I love the distinctive packaging, I think that and the affordable price is what caught my eye and have been using the product ever since. I’ll probably have to change it up after 6 months, but I’ll come back to it after another few months.

Here are other products they sell:


Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer both regular and sensitive…etc

Amazonian Clay Pressed Powder by Tarte

I’m back again today, as promised!!! And of course giving love to Tarte, don’t worry I’ll be talking about other brands in the coming days. BUT no post tomorrow, as it’s my graduation day and I will be running around like a chicken without a head all day. haha!

On a day-to-day basis I don’t really use foundation; mostly, I like to stick to mixing my orange primer with concealer for under my eyes and then mixing my green primer with my tinted moisturizer for my face. (This has a lot to do with my current lifestyle) However, there are times I a girl needs foundation and so I have a liquid foundation that I like to use, but for simple use or to carry in my purse I have my Tarte Pressed Powder. (You can get full coverage from it, I just personally typically use cream or liquid based foundations.)


From Left to Right: Fair 01, Light 04, Medium 08


Left to Right: Tan 10, Honey 12, Walnut 14

The Tarte Amazonian Clay Pressed Powders come in the above 6 shades, has no noticeable fragrance and with SPF 8. It retails for about $30.

Amazonian Clay is stated to come from the banks of the Amazonian River and it’s perks Tarte tells us are removal of surface oil and mattifying the skin, nourishes all skin types, reduction in appearance of dryness and flakiness, a smooth appearance, improvement of clarity and skin texture, and lastly hydrates dry skin.

So is it true? Honestly, who really knows? It could always just be marketing – But do I love the product? Yes.

When do I use it? I keep it in my purse for when I feel like there is some oiliness going on at the t-zone in efforts to mattify how my complexion looks. I also use it to even out skin tone, since as those who have read the blog know that I have pinkish red undertones. (sigh) I use a little bit on those parts of my face, by packing it on to the specific problem areas making sure that I don’t look like I have blotchy makeup. The powder is light enough where that is never a problem and has great coverage.

I don’t see a clasp or button; how does it open!? It holds closed by the use of a magnet making it easy to open and close when necessary. When it’s closed it just looks like a pretty plum purple cushion.

Makeup Class with Micheline Pitt


Micheline and her assistant who was the face model for the June Class.

Hiiiii guys! I’m back! It’s been an insane few months, but all is back to normal and I have reviews and fun stuff galore to write about. I’m excited to be able to write for you all again. Thank you for not fully leaving me on facebook, if anything I’ve had growth and I’m thankful. I’ll get right into today’s post!

(Disclaimer, I’m not going to give too much away, as I think it’s best to just go to the class, but I want to give everyone an idea of what you’d be learning. I also didn’t write out every brand, as I wasn’t initially planning on blogging and wrote down what I liked for me.)

I want to briefly recap and awesome class I had the opportunity to attend this past Sunday at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium in Burbank, California. Micheline Pitt, if you don’t know who she is google her or fb her, she’s awesome, holds makeup classes a few times a year. I was able to make it out for this one, if you get the chance go go go, she also is starting an advanced class. (If only I had the monies to go to that one too!)


Micheline’s “For Looks that Kill” face chart.

This is the front side of a double side face chart Micheline customizes for her class. I didn’t get a chance to photograph the back, but it’s close ups of the eyes, brows, lips, and cheeks for further notes.

So what went down? Here’s the run down:

Application: How to apply shadows, blushes, foundations – and which brushes. A couple are Inglot 4ss, which I bought, and love (I’m a brush hoarder), the MAC 217 , and the Monda 350.

Skincare routine – eyes, face; from cleaning the face to moistuirzing, from skin issues to treatments. All encompassing really. (Some products include: La Roche-Posay moisturizer, Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10%, Lumiere eye cream, Sephora makeup removers in blue….and so much more.) I also really appreciated Micheline sharing her skin problems and how she has had to deal with them. While I am fortunate enough to get the scattered break out here and there, I think it’s important to know that beautiful models out there are human and have things they deal with and learn to take care of. It’s possible to make your skin look great, you just have to figure out what works for you!

Face: Aside from a skincare routine, there is the tinted moisturizers, color matching, foundation and concealer suggestions. (A few include Giorgio Armani Foundation, which I tested on my hand and is the lightest consistency, with amazing coverage I’ve ever encountered. Stila was her top choice for Tinted Moisturizer and MUFE HD for concealer)

Eyes: Brushes and Product were discussed. (MUFE shadows [matte preferably] and others… )


Micheline’s Falsies Recommendations. Two that stood out to me were the #747 from Monday and the #305 from Accents Lashes.

Brows: This is her expertise! Anastasia Powders (but not pencils) and MUFE pencils, one of which I bought and love way more than my previous one. She also took time after the 4 HOUR class to help any and all girls who wanted eyebrow help. So kind.

Lips: Lips scrubs, Brown Sugar, MUFE Lipsticks and Lip Liners.


Lip Liners Micheline Uses

Cheeks: Ben Nye Luxe Powder!

That’s all I’ve got for ya! If you live in the LA area or even further from here and can make it out to a class I’d advise you do. It’s fun and you learn a lot. People came from as far north as Santa Cruz and south as San Diego and drove home after! We were there for at least 6 – 7 hours. It was great.

New post tomorrow, I promise!

Youngblood Cosmetics Summer Preview

Youngblood Cosmetics always has awesome new skews being released! This summer they’re going to be releasing some pretty awesome lip gels and cream blushes.

The gloss line is called Might Shiny Lip Gel and comes in Confessed (sheer watermelon-red), Revealed (sheer peach-pink), Stripped (clear iridescent shimmer), Exposed (sheer grape), Displayed (sheer orange-red with gold shimmer), and Unveiled (sheer shimmer bright pink).

Two new blushes are being added as well! Plum Satin (rose-berry shade with shimmer) and Pink Cashmere (matte carnation pink).

Um hello, of course I’m excited! Everyone knows how much I love Youngblood! And if you don’t you have to read back on other blog entries I’ve done on this brand and then go buy all of the products.


Pink Cashmere Creme Blush and the glosses: Confessed & Revealed


How cool are the tubes and applicators. Simple but high quality.

As you recall I love Youngblood’s creme blushes so now having a new one to use makes me a happy camper. Now I have both a shimmery and matte blush of theirs. What I love about cream blush is that it’s easy to apply and doesn’t disappear as the day moves forward. If you’ve never tried cream blush, you’re missing out and I recommend you go online or to one of the stores that sells this brand and get yourself some! These retail for $27 and are .21 oz; a looot of product as you can see by the picture.

Glosses are typically not my thing, but I couldn’t resist such nice sheer colors and now want more! The lip gels retail for $25.50 and are .25 oz – also a lot of product in these tubes!

Things to find in the blush are Vitamin C and E, Allantoin and Jojoba Esters. The Lip Gels include Momordica Grosvenorii Fruit Extract (Longevity Fruit), Jojoba Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil.

The new products are being made available June 1st on their website, NewBeauty at Fred Segal Santa Monica,  Henri Bendel New York and certain spas.

NYX HD Concealer vs. Loreal Studio Secrets Anti Dull Skin Primer

Concealer? or Primer?

As some of you know I have a constant quest to find a good concealer or some sort of combo for my dark circles. If it isn’t allergies it’s because I’m tired with the addition of hereditary dark circles. In a previous post I’ve mentioned how the color wheel is your friend in these situations, so what I’ve done is gone out and purchased two orangy products to blend with my current MUFE concealer.


L’oreal Anti-Dull Primer


NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand


NYX Nutmeg Swatch

On the left: L’oreal Primer On the right: NYX Concealer

As you see in this picture, both colors make my eye look quite orange and strange. Probably not what you want from a concealer as usually you want it to even out with your skin. Right?

Loreal – NYX topped off with MUFE Lift Concealer #2

Here you see the orange has faded and my eyes start to look evened out some.

Final Result is topped off with Youngblood Natural Tinted Moisturizer


While in this last picture you can still tell I have dark circles, it is not nearly as bad as without anything on. The skin tone looks far better than without the products applied.







Did one work better than the other?

Did Someone Say Youngblood Cosmetics GIVEAWAY!?

Youngblood Cosmetics is joining with me in bringing you an awesome giveaway! Great items that come a long with a very nice/flashy clutch!


Check out this lovely clutch!


Eternity Quad
Colors include: Silken (top left), Quartz (top right), Spice (bottom left), and Mink (bottom right).


Lipstick (Vixen),Black Intense Color Liner, Taffeta Cream Blush and the Quad.


Awesome Prizes - Full size!


Image Provided by YBskin


Eternity Eye Shadow Quad

Taffeta Creme Blush

Vixen Red Lipstick

Intense Color Black Liner

The Rules!

1. Like Younblood Cosmetics on Facebook

2. Like My Blog FB Page

3. Follow my blog with either your blog through WordPress if you have one or with your email!

  • Message my facebook page with either your blog link or email so that I can verify that you have in fact followed the blog and by messaging me I can check to see if you have in fact liked both facebook pages.

4. Go onto the Youngblood Cosmetics website and check out their stuff then leave a comment on this post saying what you like about their page and products that would make you either a. want to try them or b. continue to use them!

How the winner will be picked!

The current PR assistant and myself will read your comments and verify that you have done rules 1 – 3 as well and then one winner will be selected from all entries! PS. if you have twitter please follow both Youngblood Cosmetics and H2B.

Make Up For Ever Blush Powder Irish Green 93

MUFE green blush!? Really? It’s a beautiful green, I must say. I had been looking for a beautiful teal green for an eyeshadow or “Irish Green” and when I first picked it up a few months ago I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that it’s a blush rather than a shadow, but that’s fine with me! Make Up For Ever doesn’t carry the same beautiful green in shadows; I would say it falls somewhere in between their “Turquoise Shimmer” and “Turquoise Matte.” Irish Green is a matte blush, that I’ve yet to ever use as blush, perhaps one of these days I’ll “go wild” so to speak and try it in that form, for now I use this product as an eyeshadow.


MUFE Irish Green


What do you think, beautiful or what? But, does it work as an eyeshadow? I would say it’s more of a day shadow than an evening one for sure. The pay off isn’t great, but that could be because of the fact that it’s meant to be a bit more sheer blush than shadow. It comes off through out the day, but I wet the brush before applying because it has a little more give that way and I’m sure if you were to use primer it would be more effective. I’ll definitely continue to be on the look out for a better shadow in the same green as this, I love it, it’s in season and it will be wonderful for the summer as well.


I hope all of you have a great Easter Sunday!!!


January Jones – Betty – Mad Men

Mad Men aired again Sunday! As I’ve said before I’m a major Mad Men fan, and in episode three we finally got to see January Jones! She’s “fat” – I’m pretty sure some of it has to do with her being pregnant at the time and also makeup, because she’s back to her usual self now. =)


The whole story line for her in this episode revolves around her weight and possible cancerous tumor. For those of you who haven’t seen the episode, I won’t say much more than that. Regardless of weight, January Jones is beautiful and of course due to the show’s setting she looks classic. So to try to get the look sans feeling down or sick I would use the following:

Eyebrows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Blonde Golden Taupe

Eye Shadow – Urban Decay Naked Palette (Dark Horse and Side Car)

Mascara/Falsies – Urban Decay Instaflare False Lashes (which are only corner lashes) and Dior – Dior Show Mascara

Face – Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in Pink Porcelain

Cheeks – Tarte Cheek Stain in Tickled and Bronzer NARS Bronzing Powder in Irresistiblement

Lips  – NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red

(All Items can be found at Sephora)


January Jones March 22, 2012


^^ Omg her purse is amazeballs!

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