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In-Kind Sensitive Facial Cleanser



In-Kind is a Safeway brand that I found in Vons awhile ago. I haven’t been using it since it came out, because I didn’t even know it existed! Now I lovers it!


In-Kind Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Oat Extract

In-Kind products are advertised to be 90% natural with no:

* Parabens
* Sulfates
* Animal by-products
* Pesticides
* Phthalates
* Petroleum or petroleum based products
* Synthetic colors
* Mineral oil
* Synthetic fragrance

The Sensitive Facial Cleanser is all I’ve ever used by In-Kind so far. It smells oaty (probably bc it has oat extract), and doesn’t leave my face harsh and dry. I don’t really have sensitive skin, most people don’t (it’s a marketing ploy), but I like using products that are softer. Probably best to stay away from it if you are allergic to oats though, I don’t want anyone getting swollen eyes or hives!

I love the distinctive packaging, I think that and the affordable price is what caught my eye and have been using the product ever since. I’ll probably have to change it up after 6 months, but I’ll come back to it after another few months.

Here are other products they sell:


Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer both regular and sensitive…etc


Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads

Hello everyone! How’s everyone’s summer going or winter, depending where in the world you are? Mine is ok, I’ve been a little stressed, which is sometimes I don’t post, but I’m trying hard because I really appreciate those of you who take the time to read!

Today I’m going to talk about these Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads that I got as a gift with the purchase for buying their Un-Wrinkle Eye Cream at a beauty store. I didn’t really know what to expect before opening it, but hey free is free!


peter thomas roth un-wrinkle peel pads

I wasn’t gifted the 60 pads, rather 20 haha, but hey it’s something… you can get the 60 pads for $45 or the deluxe, which has 90 for $58. On the front label it reads: 20% complex of alpha, beta, gamma, exfoliators & amino acids the building block of peptides, exfoliates, resurfaces, clarifies, firms, helps visibly minimize pores, fine lines, uneven skin tone, Vitamins A-C-D-E & F, chamomile, and green tea extracts. One thing I should mention is that pores cannot be minimized, your pores are your pores, but you can minimize how they look with maybe this, and of course makeup.  

Now this is truly unscented, and what I mean by this is that you actually can smell that it’s chemically. When you buy products and they are unscented, but actually don’t smell like anything, they’re actually scented because they need to make it so it doesn’t smell like chemicals.


Here you can see the Pads and hopefully the texture of the pads.


These pads are wet and cool to the touch and can be used on the face, chest, elbows, the top of the hands and knees. They recommend for every day use, but in my opinion everyone knows their own skin best and can decide if they can use them daily. Perhaps for 3 or 4 days you can test it out as a daily treatment and if it works for you, great, but if it doesn’t I would say do it every other day or 3x a week or even just once a week. Something is always better than nothing. As I’m using it it feels a bit prickly on the skin, and cooling. I don’t rub it on my face, as rubbing on your face, especially around the eyes promotes wrinkles, but rather do a circular motion until I’ve done the whole of my face. My skin feels slightly foamy afterward, but not so much so that it’s bothersome. I leave it on for a minute to three and then wash my face and apply face cream. So far after every use my face feels nice and soft, but of course the use of these peel pads is used along with my general skincare treatment.

You may say I’m too young or you’re too young to use un-wrinkle products, that is NOT the case. You’re never too young. When you are younger it’s preventive, because you’re making sure to take care of the skin as you get older it’s no longer preventive and it’s more about maintenance. The more you take care of your skin the better you age.

Makeup Class with Micheline Pitt


Micheline and her assistant who was the face model for the June Class.

Hiiiii guys! I’m back! It’s been an insane few months, but all is back to normal and I have reviews and fun stuff galore to write about. I’m excited to be able to write for you all again. Thank you for not fully leaving me on facebook, if anything I’ve had growth and I’m thankful. I’ll get right into today’s post!

(Disclaimer, I’m not going to give too much away, as I think it’s best to just go to the class, but I want to give everyone an idea of what you’d be learning. I also didn’t write out every brand, as I wasn’t initially planning on blogging and wrote down what I liked for me.)

I want to briefly recap and awesome class I had the opportunity to attend this past Sunday at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium in Burbank, California. Micheline Pitt, if you don’t know who she is google her or fb her, she’s awesome, holds makeup classes a few times a year. I was able to make it out for this one, if you get the chance go go go, she also is starting an advanced class. (If only I had the monies to go to that one too!)


Micheline’s “For Looks that Kill” face chart.

This is the front side of a double side face chart Micheline customizes for her class. I didn’t get a chance to photograph the back, but it’s close ups of the eyes, brows, lips, and cheeks for further notes.

So what went down? Here’s the run down:

Application: How to apply shadows, blushes, foundations – and which brushes. A couple are Inglot 4ss, which I bought, and love (I’m a brush hoarder), the MAC 217 , and the Monda 350.

Skincare routine – eyes, face; from cleaning the face to moistuirzing, from skin issues to treatments. All encompassing really. (Some products include: La Roche-Posay moisturizer, Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10%, Lumiere eye cream, Sephora makeup removers in blue….and so much more.) I also really appreciated Micheline sharing her skin problems and how she has had to deal with them. While I am fortunate enough to get the scattered break out here and there, I think it’s important to know that beautiful models out there are human and have things they deal with and learn to take care of. It’s possible to make your skin look great, you just have to figure out what works for you!

Face: Aside from a skincare routine, there is the tinted moisturizers, color matching, foundation and concealer suggestions. (A few include Giorgio Armani Foundation, which I tested on my hand and is the lightest consistency, with amazing coverage I’ve ever encountered. Stila was her top choice for Tinted Moisturizer and MUFE HD for concealer)

Eyes: Brushes and Product were discussed. (MUFE shadows [matte preferably] and others… )


Micheline’s Falsies Recommendations. Two that stood out to me were the #747 from Monday and the #305 from Accents Lashes.

Brows: This is her expertise! Anastasia Powders (but not pencils) and MUFE pencils, one of which I bought and love way more than my previous one. She also took time after the 4 HOUR class to help any and all girls who wanted eyebrow help. So kind.

Lips: Lips scrubs, Brown Sugar, MUFE Lipsticks and Lip Liners.


Lip Liners Micheline Uses

Cheeks: Ben Nye Luxe Powder!

That’s all I’ve got for ya! If you live in the LA area or even further from here and can make it out to a class I’d advise you do. It’s fun and you learn a lot. People came from as far north as Santa Cruz and south as San Diego and drove home after! We were there for at least 6 – 7 hours. It was great.

New post tomorrow, I promise!

The Body Bartender – Tattoo Protection

The Body Bartender’s creator/owner, Heather Losik, came to speak to my Entrepreneurship class this past week and baring gifts. Heather is a former model who started her own business 2 years ago and launched around the end of 2011 and is doing really well.


Image Belongs to The Body Bartender

For those of you who don’t know me I love pinup style and pinup art and pinup anything. I shop at vintage stores, vintage section of etsy, and vintage repro online/stores. Well The Body Bartender was story starts with a love for the style and the art that is pinups circa 1940-50, which immediately caught my attention. The other side of Heather’s story is directly related to a love for awesome beauty product packaging, wherein she realized there was no niche product for those of us girls who have tattoos…tadaah!


The Body Bartender Tattoo Protection – Image Belongs to TBB

As I said Heather came with gifts. We had an option of three products and I went with Tattoo Protection. I’ve had my tattoos for years now, but the one on my foot is always extra dry. I have very dry skin and ever since I got my tattoo my skin on my foot dries even easier and is more sensitive. So I jumped at the chance to try this product. It is basically an organic sun protection cream that doesn’t have a thick film and whose consistency moisturizes the skin .when it is healing and thereafter. Next time I can get a tattoo I’m going to try the Tattoo Polish.

My Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo

Something to note:

Image Belongs to The Body Bartender
Cute Tagline

Auspect Skin Care

Hey all! No post here today but I do want you to check out my review on Auspect Skin Care on mybeautybunny.com!

Should I Take a Break from Makeup?

Do you wear makeup everyday? Do you feel unattractive without makeup? Where do you wear makeup to? Should you take a break from your makeup if you use it everyday? Do you wash your face everyday?


I mean guys really let’s think about some of the things I’ve told you! Products all have nasty ingredients! NASTY NASTY NASTY  No wonder our pores are clogged! See image below *cringe*

Blackheads – Clogged Pores

…Letting you get over that picture and giving you time to stop looking into your compact. Yes yes, I caught you doing that.

So let’s say you put on moisturizer and powder or liquid foundation maybe you even use primer and sunblock (though you just put it on to go to the office and not out to be in the sun *glares at all of you*)…now let’s say you do this EVERY day… Also I’m very aware that a lot of you do NOT wash your face everyday *glares some more* …and then you wonder “Why am I breaking out?” “why is my skin so crappy?” “why are my pores sooo gross?” Well HELLO!!! You a. wear makeup everyday and don’t let the skin just be! Though granted you need some vitamin D among other things, but really you don’t need it from makeup. b. YOU AREN’T WASHING YOUR FACE!
Another thing… you touch your face in the daytime don’t you? Well where else are you putting your hands?


Wash Your Face

And the old excuse “I’m too tired to wash my face” Well that’s crap, even if you get home late keep some wipe on your night stand. You reach over wipe of your makeup while already in bed. Dump your trash in the morning if there isn’t a trash bin near your bed. Otherwise if you’re going to be home from early on in the evening get accustomed to cleaning off your makeup at around 7pm or 8pm. Make it a habit so that later on at night you aren’t “too tired.” Who are you wearing your makeup for at home at 9pm? And depending on your job or day to day life do you REALLY need to be wearing makeup everyday? My job is pretty relaxed, right now, so I am able to show up without anything but moisturizer on my face. Do your skin a favor and go a few days a week without nothing on. Not only will your skin love you, but so will your water line and tear ducts. They get blocked too! Your optometrist absolutely hates makeup on your water line, because it dries the eye and you can fully block them. If you don’t believe me go ask him or her. Go on, make the call, ask…

If you absolutely cannot stand not wearing anything get yourself a lip stain or balm with a tint and go on about your day.


Only Lip Balm

If you shower at night keep your cleaner in the shower so it’s handy and you don’t have to worry about doing it at another time. Although, I hope your face is clean after a shower.

That’s my 2 cents for today.

I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend. Don’t forget to wash your face!

Dark Circles!

Why dark circles pester me.

Happy Friday to you all! How are we doing today? I’m doing pretty well, other than I would love a nap right now.


So I haven’t been wearing makeup yesterday or today because I’m too lazy to and I don’t look bad without it, but it does make my dark circle more obvious. Does everybody know what cause dark circles? There’s a little more than a handful of factors that go along with it:

Mayoclinic.com mentions the following:

  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Hereditary
  • Life Factors (ie. stress, smoking, etc)
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Pigmentation Irregularities
  • Rubbing/Scratching the eyes
  • Sun Exposure
  • Thinning Skin (this comes with aging)

I’m not considering creams of any sort. I don’t want to pretend that they’re working or realize I paid all kinds of money for nothing. I’m sure some creams out there do work slightly, but honestly it depends where you fall in the above categories. Hereditary dark circles are likely to NOT go away. The fix I want is with a “highlighter” or “concealer” or some other makeup product. I’ve used a couple that I like personally. The following is my favorite:


Sephora "Long Lasting" Color Corrector


The thinner side is what you use first, what they call “anti-imperfection corrector” and the wider end is used second, this is the “long-lasting concealer.” What I do is use the thinner end to kind of “scribble” around the area that needs to be covered up and then dab on the larger end. There are three shades they sell light, medium, and dark I spread it around with my MAC concealer brush:


MAC Concealer Brush 195

I love this brush ever since I bought it. It’s perfect for the inner and under eye area, which is where I mostly use it for. Sometimes I need to cover a spot here or there on my face and the size is ideal.


Do you guys use anything in particular? Are dark circles even a problem you have? Aside from creams what concealer or color corrector do you prefer?

Limoneira Lifestyles Skin Care

Limoneira? That’s what I said! I mean guys let’s be honest here, how many of us really look into our local small businesses? I know that I never really have, where do you start? I suppose google would be a good place. It typically doesn’t cross our mind. I heard about Limoneira from a friend I am in school with; she is from Santa Paula, California, where this line is produced. This town is rural and harvests citrus fruits among other agricultural things they do there. For those of you who don’t recognize the first 5 letters of the brand name Limoneira, it spells out lemon in Spanish. I personally needed a new moisturizer after throwing away my Philosophy one. (See earlier blog) I was going to get one from Sephora, but it so happened that in my skin and hair care class we need to do a project to compare a skin care product and this is where I learned about the Limoneira Lifestyles brand, my school mate said we should do that brand and that she would get the cleanser. I asked her for the Limoneira Lifestyle website as going to Santa Paula for just a moisturizer didn’t sound reasonable and voila I found a few products that sound pretty awesome.


Limoneira Lifestyles Logo Taken from Website

Their products include: an avocado honey lip balm, avocado face and body bar, lemon balm hand cleanser, lemon avocado body butter, lavendar avocado facial cleanser, avocado mask, lemon hand lotion and lemon balm moisturizer.


Moisturizer Bottle


A Dime Size Amount is All You Need

The bottle containes 3.4 fluid ounces or 101mL. It has a thin consistency but you do not need much to moisturize the face. A dime size amount is about all you need, unless your skin feels especially dry, but even then I doubt you need too much more. If you don’t like scents this is probably not a good product for you. At first I wasn’t happy about it, but man anything is better than the awful chemical scent the Philosophy product gave off. Citrus scents wake you up, which if you use this in the morning is perfect for you. I wouldn’t say it’s a good moisturizer for the night time, best to get a night cream if you feel the need unless of course the scent doesn’t liven you up then you can, nothing really wakes me up so I’m set. It’s $22 USD plus shipping and tax depending on where you live of course, some of you lucky ducks don’t need to pay tax (ahem Oregon).

I’m basically making two points a. AWESOME moisturizer and b. look into your local businesses, it’s not only great for you because now you’ve found a business close by to you but it’s also awesome for the local economy. I love the idea of supporting small businesses whenever possible. It’s not every day you find them, at least make an effort, you never know what great finds there are near you. (I don’t say this to sound preachy, I’m guilty as previously stated of not even thinking to look into the local stores or towns for products that I use on a daily basis.) I’m so glad I found them and while I wish stores around me carried their line, I’ll live with ordering from the internet for now.

Valentine’s Day – What are you doing?

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely ladies!

How is everyone spending it? Me? I’m single, went to internship and then came home due to different reasons. Nothing special as I don’t have a significant other… *pouts and whimpers* <— and pity party over!

BUT I can pretend I would go out… so here is my fantasy look 😉



MAC Patina Eye Shadow


MAC Swish Eye Shadow


Stila Smudge Pot Liner


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil


MAC Cosmetics Zoom Lash





Youngblood Tinted Moisturizer

Josie Maran Matchmaker Foundation



Josie Maran Cream Blush


Youngblood Mineral Bronzer



Girl About Town - MAC



Batwing Dress



Nude Stockings



Indigo Vivi Frances Shoes

Out of all of these things all I’m missing is the beautiful dress and nude fishnet stockings! I absolutely NEED them! I’m not a fan of black stockings because I decided that with long dresses or skirts people look stocky. I am chubby and short enough as it is, I do not need extra help looking stocky! I saw a girl I’m in school with wearing nude ones and holy cow they were go. Do any of you own any? How much did they cost you? What look would you or did you go for today?

don’t be afraid to share links of what you did or would wear!


Jack Black Lip Balm

Jack Black Lip Balm? Jack Black as in the actor!? No… Not the actor. lol Helloooooooo! How is everyone’s Friday going?

So what is this lip balm by Jack Black I speak of? Why haven’t you heard of it? Where can you get it? Does it have benefits? What does it even look like? SO many questions! Let’s get to them!


Jack Black Lip Balms - Image from the Jack Black Website

Now isn’t that a lovely indigo blue packaging? Are you still like, where did she find this?? Well I find it at Sephora, in the MEN’S section! What was I doing in the men’s section? I really don’t know, sometimes in-store shopping overwhelms me and I start wandering. The fact that it’s in the men’s section of Sephora (or any store it’s sold in) is likely why you haven’t heard of it, unless your beau uses the shaving cream and other products from the skincare line, including this lip balm. If so, do share how he likes them. This brand was called Jack Black, before the actor became famously renowned; there is no relation from one to the other. The company was started by Curran Dandurand and her husband Jeff and another woman who’s name is Emily Dalton. From what I’ve read on their site, the name was chosen based on it’s easy approach-ability since 2000. 12 years later they are still around and have award winning products.


Award Winning Lip Balms (I happen to own both)

Their award winning Lip Balms include Lemon & Chamomile (men’s health award for 2009) and Natural Mint (men’s health award for 2007).

Other Jack Black Flavors Include:


Grapefruit with Ginger and Vanilla & Lavendar


Shea Butter & Vitamin E (new), Mango & Mandarin (new) and Black Tea & Blackberry

I’m excited about the mango and really really want to get it, though I’m currently stocked with two and so I really don’t need it, yet. The reason I was attracted to the product is because I have extremely dry lips, I pretty much bleed and shed year round; it can be very painful. I try a lot of things to keep them moisturized and thus far I have really liked this product, although marketed to men, the flavors are not err “man-specific?” Of course if you are sensitive to flavors or any of the ingredients for that matter, STAY AWAY! I don’t want any of you having a bad reaction. Know your bodies and system. The Jack Black lip balms include SPF of 25 and are made for dry chapped lips and or extreme weather areas. My experience has been very soothing to the skin and it help me a lot as my lips are usually a source of discomfort. As is true with anything I worry that I don’t know what the active ingredients are and like with most face products I choose to pick my battles by avoiding some and keeping others, it’s quite hard with cosmetics and Jack Black is one of my favorite products.

If the men in your life like to keep well groomed or YOU like to keep them well groomed check out some of their other stuff at http://www.getjackblack.com/

PETA also claims that Jack Black is “the very best grooming-products for men”

Do any of you have a product you like for moisturizing your lips that you absolutely are in love with?

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