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Nurturing Force Face and Body Blots – Movie Victims

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope all of you are having a great day…but I definitely am keeping those who were involved in the massacre in Aurora, Colorado in my thoughts. It’s an awful situation; going to the movies with your friends at midnight is suppose to be something fun because it’s almost like an “event.” =(


Now I want to go on to review the Nurturing Force Face and Body blots. Hmm……. I’m not so happy guys.


Here are all 4 types: Top to Bottom – Unscented (pure) – Wellness (Aloe Vera) – Aromatic Rose – Fragrant Lavendar

Why am I not happy with these blotters?


A. Taken Apart


B. Main Problem; Doesn’t Tear Properly


Scissor didn’t help.

The pictures are basically self explanatory. The blots are suppose to come out of the slit and with the cap, which has spiky ridges (like foil paper containers) is meant to tear it. Well, my sheets wouldn’t tear properly and ended up jamming inside the container. Finally I gave up on digging for the sheets and broke it open. I thought it had to do with the container being flawed, making it difficult to take out the sheets, but no, it’s the paper. I don’t know if mine is specifically flawed or if this is a common problem. In the end I ended up grabbing scissor and lifting off the cover through the slit. Since I thought it was the actual container I thought to myself problem solved! Nope! even tearing the paper with my own hands turns into a crazy disaster and a waste of blotter sheets. I tried using scissors and it’s hard to even get the paper to cut, then it cuts a bit straight and of course after that it all goes to hell. They blot well, but it’s not practical and seems to be low quality to me. Honestly toilet paper is better, just grab it from the back of the packet and bam great blotter sheets!

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