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Fall 2012 Makeup Look – Natural?

Hola hola!

Back from my Mexico mini vacay! What did all of you guys do for your weekend?

Alright, so the Fall is around the corner and there are varying looks that are “in” for the seasons, but today I picked to show you the natural look!

All images are taken from MarieClaire.com


Neutral eye shadow, light brown, evened out skin tone, clear lip balm , and a bit of a rosy blush.


Peach lipstick, hardly any blush, and a lighter neutral shadow than the image above.


What looks like lip balm, darker, but still neutral eye shadow, than the above, a bit of brightener on the cheeks mixed with light bronzer.


The following image is from the-fashion-street.com

natural look black woman

Here again there is a natural lip, a natural/neutral shadow with some definition done with eyeliner, and a touch of pinkish blush


How do you feel about the natural look? Can you and or will you rock it? Fall is one of my favorite seasons, because the cool weather comes along and isn’t too cold (not that it gets THAT cold here in LA), the leaves change colors in residential areas and look beautiful when they are tinted green and brown, and I believe the natural look is truly suiting of the season. You can flare up with color in your clothes if you like, but looking natural and not overdone is flattering for most women, in my opinion. Give it a try! You can send me pics done up in a natural look for a future post if you like!


Should I Take a Break from Makeup?

Do you wear makeup everyday? Do you feel unattractive without makeup? Where do you wear makeup to? Should you take a break from your makeup if you use it everyday? Do you wash your face everyday?


I mean guys really let’s think about some of the things I’ve told you! Products all have nasty ingredients! NASTY NASTY NASTY  No wonder our pores are clogged! See image below *cringe*

Blackheads – Clogged Pores

…Letting you get over that picture and giving you time to stop looking into your compact. Yes yes, I caught you doing that.

So let’s say you put on moisturizer and powder or liquid foundation maybe you even use primer and sunblock (though you just put it on to go to the office and not out to be in the sun *glares at all of you*)…now let’s say you do this EVERY day… Also I’m very aware that a lot of you do NOT wash your face everyday *glares some more* …and then you wonder “Why am I breaking out?” “why is my skin so crappy?” “why are my pores sooo gross?” Well HELLO!!! You a. wear makeup everyday and don’t let the skin just be! Though granted you need some vitamin D among other things, but really you don’t need it from makeup. b. YOU AREN’T WASHING YOUR FACE!
Another thing… you touch your face in the daytime don’t you? Well where else are you putting your hands?


Wash Your Face

And the old excuse “I’m too tired to wash my face” Well that’s crap, even if you get home late keep some wipe on your night stand. You reach over wipe of your makeup while already in bed. Dump your trash in the morning if there isn’t a trash bin near your bed. Otherwise if you’re going to be home from early on in the evening get accustomed to cleaning off your makeup at around 7pm or 8pm. Make it a habit so that later on at night you aren’t “too tired.” Who are you wearing your makeup for at home at 9pm? And depending on your job or day to day life do you REALLY need to be wearing makeup everyday? My job is pretty relaxed, right now, so I am able to show up without anything but moisturizer on my face. Do your skin a favor and go a few days a week without nothing on. Not only will your skin love you, but so will your water line and tear ducts. They get blocked too! Your optometrist absolutely hates makeup on your water line, because it dries the eye and you can fully block them. If you don’t believe me go ask him or her. Go on, make the call, ask…

If you absolutely cannot stand not wearing anything get yourself a lip stain or balm with a tint and go on about your day.


Only Lip Balm

If you shower at night keep your cleaner in the shower so it’s handy and you don’t have to worry about doing it at another time. Although, I hope your face is clean after a shower.

That’s my 2 cents for today.

I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend. Don’t forget to wash your face!

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