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Kat Von D Sephora Beranice Lipstick

Back in late May – early June I was gifted a lipstick from the Kat Von D Sephora line in Beranice. I don’t know why I hadn’t blogged about it, especially since I really like it!!! I hadn’t heard too much about their lipsticks and wasn’t sure what to expect from it and yay I’m happily surprised!


Beranice Lipstick – Kat Von D

Isn’t it such a pretty color and the packaging rocks! I love that I can see the color from below; sometimes you just forget which lipstick is which, especially if you have 10s of them. Being able to just know what color it is without removing the cap is great! This Kat Von D lipstick is matte but has some shimmer to it, however it’s subtle and both work and night out appropriate. The Beranice is a metallic poppy red as per described by the Sephora site, and I completely agree and it belongs to the Foiled Love Lipstick line, which also includes other colors, such as Adora, Forever & Never, F.T.W., Oh My Goth, and Valentine.

Here’s me right after applying. =P And yes that is a Venom piggy bank in the background. Bahah

Right after applying I realized I hadn’t had my morning  breakfast, which consists of yogurt and thought ‘crap!’ and then ‘duh, this lipstick doesn’t get messed up after eating!’ – It really doesn’t, of course some comes off but not enough to where your lips look washed out, it basically seems as though none came off. Isn’t that awesome?! Greatly pigmented; I loves!


Did Someone Say Youngblood Cosmetics GIVEAWAY!?

Youngblood Cosmetics is joining with me in bringing you an awesome giveaway! Great items that come a long with a very nice/flashy clutch!


Check out this lovely clutch!


Eternity Quad
Colors include: Silken (top left), Quartz (top right), Spice (bottom left), and Mink (bottom right).


Lipstick (Vixen),Black Intense Color Liner, Taffeta Cream Blush and the Quad.


Awesome Prizes - Full size!


Image Provided by YBskin


Eternity Eye Shadow Quad

Taffeta Creme Blush

Vixen Red Lipstick

Intense Color Black Liner

The Rules!

1. Like Younblood Cosmetics on Facebook

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3. Follow my blog with either your blog through WordPress if you have one or with your email!

  • Message my facebook page with either your blog link or email so that I can verify that you have in fact followed the blog and by messaging me I can check to see if you have in fact liked both facebook pages.

4. Go onto the Youngblood Cosmetics website and check out their stuff then leave a comment on this post saying what you like about their page and products that would make you either a. want to try them or b. continue to use them!

How the winner will be picked!

The current PR assistant and myself will read your comments and verify that you have done rules 1 – 3 as well and then one winner will be selected from all entries! PS. if you have twitter please follow both Youngblood Cosmetics and H2B.

Smashbox Legendary Lipstick

Smashbox Legen – wait for it – dary Lipstick. Haha ok that’s not the real name; it’s just “Legendary,” but I actually only bought if for 2 reasons a. you can’t have enough red lipstick and b. it’s called legendary! (How I Met Your Mother) HIMYM fan!

Anyway my little readers, I just can’t get enough red lipstick in my possession, I mean can you!? No, right? That’s what I thought.


Legendary Lipstick by Smashbox

I love the casing and component it comes in; classyyyy. It’s somewhat of a soft touch case that clearly reads smashbox on one side of case and when open the tube has chrome colored shelling. The actual lipstick is a creamy pinkish red rather than true red as you can see in the image below. Smashbox’s legendary is a very creamy lipstick almost gloss like and easily covers up the lips without too much product. My only worry is in hot weather, will it melt easily too? I will find out I’m sure, but I hope never to forget it in the car! I personally enjoy how creamy it is, due to what I’ve mentioned in previous posts about how dry my skin and lips can get; matte doesn’t really flatter me the way creamy lipsticks do.


Legendary Lipstick Swatch

It’s funny how the Legendary lipstick looks a little more orangy than does the swatch does, the pay off is a bit deceiving, but I prefer pinkier colors and the images I saw of it on the Sephora site were more true to color as well as the image provided by the Smashbox Cosmetics site. Excuse the funny shape of the stick, I promise Smashbox lipsticks don’t look like that, I dropped it and it dented it! Such a clutz I am. I almost knew this would happen and was weary of taking this picture, but I wasn’t getting any other good shots so I went for it. The things I do for you guys! Haha! I kid-I kid.

Well my dears, I wish you a very awesome Friday and a very wonderful Holiday weekend!

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