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WWWD, pt 2 (What Would Wen Do?) <– Guest Post

Yay Jean is back to relay her WEN experiences! Give her some love; read on:

I’m very sorry to report that in the months since publishing my raving love note to all things Wen, my hair care soulmate has let me down. In March of this year, I had some major abdominal surgery, with dramatic effects on my hormones and digestion, and for some mysterious reason: my hair. At first, I thought it was thinning and falling out, and it wasn’t just in my mind – to quote my BFF’s seven-year-old, “Your hair is really thin! My mom’s isn’t like that!” At the time, she had a fistful of my hair in one hand and a fistful of her mother’s in the other, so she would know.

Me on a good hair day. (Caution: hair in mirror may be drier than it appears)

After a thorough examination, my hairstylist proclaimed that it is not actually thinning, just extremely dry and breaking off, making it appear thin even though it’s still growing normally. Could be the hormonal changes, the digestive changes, the systemic shock of major surgery – who knows. My roots are also blonder now, but that’s a whole ‘nother mystery. When I explained the gentle ingredients in Wen, my hairstylist said that was unlikely to be the problem and I should keep using it, but to start doing Moroccan Oil treatments and add a coconut oil supplement to my diet. My mother, on the other hand, suggested that I’ve been wearing my ponytail too tight and I should try Mane & Tail, which she has never tried personally but has heard good things. So far, the oil treatments (internal and external) seem to be helping only slightly, and my ponytail is at just the right tension, thank you very much.

On a bad hair day. Does this ponytail make my hair look dry?

I’m not ready to give up on Wen, and not just because I bought a bonus 32oz bottle before my hair started drying out. It’s not Wen, it’s me. Even though my hair isn’t looking as luscious as it did before, I still think Wen is the most gentle, moisturizing treatment out there. And, it never fades my brilliant red dye job. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

But last time we talked, I promised you a review of some of the Wen styling products! And I won’t let you down – not now, not ever – so here we go:


This is definitely not the same as a Styling Gel. It has no hold, it’s not sticky, and you apply it while your hair is still soaking wet. The theory is, it adds extra moisture and protection for your hair, while making it easy to style. Being that I am the world’s worst hairstylist, it has not made my hair easy to style, but this is another case of “it’s not Wen, it’s me.” However, it is one of my most indispensible, do-not-run-out-of products, and here’s why: this is the gunk that turns my unruly weird hair kinks into fun, pretty, beach waves. And, when blended with a product from Prive’ called “Curl Activating Crème” and a mildly humid day, that’s when I can sometimes get a few spontaneously curling mermaid tendrils mixed in with the beach waves. Wen Styling Crème is awesome and I can’t live without it. Get some! 5 stars out of 5.

wen lavendar styling creme

Wen Lavender Styling Creme. Styling Crème & her trusty sidekick, Curl Activating Crème. Store near the shower, they work best wet.


I got a bottle of this by accident, as part of a package deal of Cleansing Conditioner and some other goops and lotions. This particular finishing treatment happened to be pomegranate-scented; I’m not sure if there are other options. It is unlike any other finishing slime I’ve tried before! I’ve used glosses and whatnot to make split ends and flyaways lie down, but I can never get them to distribute evenly and they make it look like I haven’t washed my hair in a month (did I mention that I’m the world’s worst hairstylist?). The Wen Finishing Treatment Crème is not glossy at all, but really more of a very creamy lotion. When I smear it on, it actually makes my hair lie down and look healthy, with no grease or gloss effect. So for that, I love it. The weird thing is, it doesn’t make my hair FEEL healthy. By the end of the day, the areas that got hit with the crème start feeling sort of stiff and tangled. Adding more crème the next morning can help with the appearance, but after a few hours it feels even more dirty and unbrushable. I will definitely keep using it for the looks, but I’m not super impressed. 3 out of 5 stars.

wen pomegranate finishing creme

Wen Pomegranate Finishing Creme – As the name implies, this crème is creamy.


This stuff also came with a variety pack, and I definitely know it comes in all the usual Wen flavors & scents. I tried the lavender, to match my Cleansing Conditioner and Styling Crème. Honestly, it didn’t do anything. Nothing. I noticed no difference whatsoever on the days I used it and when I didn’t use it. Whether I air-dried it for beach waves, terrorized it into poodle curls with a small-barreled iron, or blow-dried it into submission and smoothed it out with a big-barreled iron, nothing. No extra volume, no change in texture, no extra stiffness or smoothness, just no effect at all. Maybe they accidentally sent me a bottle of lavender-scented water, I don’t know. It didn’t do any harm, but it didn’t do any good either. It just didn’t do anything. 1 star out of 5, don’t waste your cash.

While my beloved Wen isn’t working as well for me as it used to, I’m not giving up and you shouldn’t either. The stuff is great. Great quality, super gentle, and different from anything else you’ve tried. Like last time, I must still emphasize: DO NOT order directly from Wen unless you want to be roped into an endless cycle of expensive automatic shipments! I get mine from QVC.com with no hassle, and I’ve just learned that Sephora.com has also started carrying it. So far Sephora only has the Sweet Almond Mint line, but I’m sure if that sells well, they will start adding the other formulas. For now, QVC still has the best variety and excellent customer service. Prices are the same at both websites.

I’ll always love you, Wen. We’ll get through this. Together.


Wen Hair Products (Guest Post Jean P.)


Heya everyone!!! My fellow beauty junkie friend has done a q&a on WEN hair products for you. I’ve been wanting her to guest post for awhile and we finally were able to make it happen! I’m hoping there will be more posts by her to come… Passing it over to Jean!

By Jean Peplinski, Beauty Product Enthusiast

If you’ve seen the enchanting infomercials for the Wen Cleansing Conditioner, and like most, you’re an infomercial skeptic, you may have some questions. So, with many months of Wen experience under my hat, I’m here to help!


WEN Cleansing Conditioner


A: In a word, YES. It absolutely works. After decades of abusing my hair with drugstore dye, cheap styling tools, and too-frequent washing/drying, not even the most expensive salon shampoos could make it look good. After less than a week of using Wen, my hair was soft, bouncy, and even had a healthy shine. Two different professional hair stylists told me that my hair looks and feels quite healthy now, knowing that I still use cheap dye. I may not quite look like the super-shiny models in the commercial, but my hair definitely looks and feels better than ever before.


A: Warning, warning: DO NOT use the huge amounts that they recommend in their commercials and literature. They seriously tell you to use at least 48 pumps for shoulder-length hair! All the bad reviews I read before purchasing all said that they couldn’t rinse it out and their hair looked greasy – well no wonder, if you use that much of it! For my medium-thick, just-past-shoulder-length hair, I use about 11 pumps of the smaller bottle or 5-6 pumps of the big 32-oz bottle (yes, I order the large economy size now).

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s what you do: Rinse your hair very well and get it soaking wet with warm (not hot) water. Pump a “normal” amount of Wen into your hands and massage it gently all through your hair. It won’t get sudsy, but that’s okay – massage like crazy, rub your scalp, get it on every strand – it feels good, and it works! Then, just like the infomercial, comb through with a wide-tooth comb and twist it up into a clip so it stays out of the shower stream while you scrub your body, shave your legs, etc. Then give it a good rinse.

While it’s still soaking wet from the rinse, add a little bit more to act as a leave-in conditioner. The instructions say to add waaaaay too much (again); I think they’re just trying to sell it out faster. Just one scant pump will do for almost any hair. I only use about half a pump of leave-in for my whole head, and am very happy with the results.


A: This is VERY important: DO NOT ORDER DIRECTLY FROM WEN! While the company who makes the products does a top-notch job, the company who fulfills the orders has some pretty sketchy policies. You will be instantly required to sign up for an auto-delivery program that is not only near-impossible to get out of, but because they want you to use half the bottle for each shower, “refills” will ship way more often than you need them. And, one of my personal friends who loves the product refuses to use it now because of the rude, terrible service she got when calling them to fix an address snafu. Terrible customer service is an automatic do-not-buy for me from ANY company. So what’s a mop-headed girl to do?

Hop on the phone, TV, or computer and visit QVC. Their deals are pretty similar, they don’t require an auto-delivery contract (though it is available), and they stand behind their product. When my first order, a variety pack of different scents & formulas, came with one broken pump, they immediately refunded me the cost of that entire bottle. Wen is also available from several Amazon sellers, but based on my research, QVC had the best deals.


A: The infomercial claims that the basic Vanilla Mint formula is best for all hair types, but they make all different scents and formulas. Personally I loved the smell of the Vanilla Mint, but the Lavender works best on my color-treated, heat-damaged, naturally wavy hair. In fact, it’s the only product to ever make my natural waves look like soft gentle curls instead of frizzy kinks. I don’t adore the smell, but my hair looks so good that I’d still use it if it smelled like turpentine.

Which one is right for you? It may not be the one you think, so I suggest one of those variety packs of smaller bottles for your first order. They are always available from QVC, and you can split it with a friend or two who are equally intrigued by the Wen infomercials.


A: Well, I can’t tell you EVERYTHING in one post. Let’s save a little something for next time!


I think Wen’s biggest strength is looking wavy in the humidity, so I think the best examples are of my 2011 Florida vacation, which was very wet and rainy. I used Wen almost daily for the first half of the trip, then lost my bottle and went without for the second half. ALL vacation photos are after having spent the day in extreme humidity and pouring rain. I’m also including one “styled” photo – blown straight, then curled with a large barrel iron.


The Before

Wen post-rain

("Wen post-rain") was after getting caught in a humongous downpour for over an hour, then walking home in the post-storm humidity, and changing into a dry shirt and going back out for more drinking 🙂

Wen extreme humidity

("Wen extreme humidity") is again air-dried in Key West, while walking around all morning while the humidity was approximately 250%.

Wen blown straight

("Wen blown straight") is actually here in Michigan, blown dry and then styled with an $8 large-barreled Revlon curling iron.

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