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Youngblood Cosmetics Q/A Tomorrow!

Youngblood Cosmetics CEO

Youngblood Cosmetics CEO, Pauline Youngblood

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you all know that you should really check out the YB facebook page tomorrow, (7/13) from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST because the CEO/Founder of the brand is going to be on facebook tomorrow for an hour answering questions and giving away prizes. Some of the prizes they have said will be given include: Mighty Shiny Lip Gel, Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad, Mineral Radiance! Don’t miss out on the possibility of free stuff and getting to know the CEO of a company with such great products!



Youngblood Cosmetics Summer Preview

Youngblood Cosmetics always has awesome new skews being released! This summer they’re going to be releasing some pretty awesome lip gels and cream blushes.

The gloss line is called Might Shiny Lip Gel and comes in Confessed (sheer watermelon-red), Revealed (sheer peach-pink), Stripped (clear iridescent shimmer), Exposed (sheer grape), Displayed (sheer orange-red with gold shimmer), and Unveiled (sheer shimmer bright pink).

Two new blushes are being added as well! Plum Satin (rose-berry shade with shimmer) and Pink Cashmere (matte carnation pink).

Um hello, of course I’m excited! Everyone knows how much I love Youngblood! And if you don’t you have to read back on other blog entries I’ve done on this brand and then go buy all of the products.


Pink Cashmere Creme Blush and the glosses: Confessed & Revealed


How cool are the tubes and applicators. Simple but high quality.

As you recall I love Youngblood’s creme blushes so now having a new one to use makes me a happy camper. Now I have both a shimmery and matte blush of theirs. What I love about cream blush is that it’s easy to apply and doesn’t disappear as the day moves forward. If you’ve never tried cream blush, you’re missing out and I recommend you go online or to one of the stores that sells this brand and get yourself some! These retail for $27 and are .21 oz; a looot of product as you can see by the picture.

Glosses are typically not my thing, but I couldn’t resist such nice sheer colors and now want more! The lip gels retail for $25.50 and are .25 oz – also a lot of product in these tubes!

Things to find in the blush are Vitamin C and E, Allantoin and Jojoba Esters. The Lip Gels include Momordica Grosvenorii Fruit Extract (Longevity Fruit), Jojoba Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil.

The new products are being made available June 1st on their website, NewBeauty at Fred Segal Santa Monica,  Henri Bendel New York and certain spas.

Giveaway Winner!

Youngblood Cosmetics’ PR rep and myself have decided on who has won the giveaway and instead of making you wait an extra week we decided to go ahead and notify you today!

Our Giveaway Winner is:


Here is the answer she gave that stood out the most:

I love the simplicity of their website and the fact that the product was originally created for use in a medical setting, using higher standards than other makeup companies. I would also love to try their cream blush, I love the shimmer and that it is oil free.

I want to thank everyone who entered and who has started following my blog; I very much appreciate it and hope you continue to win!


Thank you to Youngblood Cosmetics!!!


Did Someone Say Youngblood Cosmetics GIVEAWAY!?

Youngblood Cosmetics is joining with me in bringing you an awesome giveaway! Great items that come a long with a very nice/flashy clutch!


Check out this lovely clutch!


Eternity Quad
Colors include: Silken (top left), Quartz (top right), Spice (bottom left), and Mink (bottom right).


Lipstick (Vixen),Black Intense Color Liner, Taffeta Cream Blush and the Quad.


Awesome Prizes - Full size!


Image Provided by YBskin


Eternity Eye Shadow Quad

Taffeta Creme Blush

Vixen Red Lipstick

Intense Color Black Liner

The Rules!

1. Like Younblood Cosmetics on Facebook

2. Like My Blog FB Page

3. Follow my blog with either your blog through WordPress if you have one or with your email!

  • Message my facebook page with either your blog link or email so that I can verify that you have in fact followed the blog and by messaging me I can check to see if you have in fact liked both facebook pages.

4. Go onto the Youngblood Cosmetics website and check out their stuff then leave a comment on this post saying what you like about their page and products that would make you either a. want to try them or b. continue to use them!

How the winner will be picked!

The current PR assistant and myself will read your comments and verify that you have done rules 1 – 3 as well and then one winner will be selected from all entries! PS. if you have twitter please follow both Youngblood Cosmetics and H2B.

Youngblood Cosmetics – Taffeta Cream Blush


Image Courtesy of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Yay youngblood products! I got a hold of more Youngblood goodies. Well just some blush, but I’m super excited about it. I love cream blush and had been using Josie Maran, which I like very much as well, but am about to run out and got me some Youngblood to test out.

It comes in the colors above:

Champagne Life (a bubbly taupe with a shimmery sheen); Taffeta (a lustrous bubble gum pink) the one I got; Rose Quartz (a silvery petal-pink); and Tropical Glow (a peachy-pink tone with golden shimmer).


Youngblood Taffeta Cream Blush


Luminous Blush



It’s shimmery, which is different than my previous blush, but I like it, however if you don’t like shimmer in your bronzer or blush, this is not for you and I would stick to the Youngblood pressed powders. I kind of guessed on what color would be good on me based on previous products and my skin tone and undertone. So far I guessed right…I looooove this color on me:


How the Taffeta Looks On Me (sorry for the super flat and messy hair)

Here I’m wearing the Taffeta alone with Youngblood bronzer and tinted moisturizer and the Josie Maran matchmaker liquid product. I like to go between Youngblood and Josie Maran tinted moisturizers as they are the ones that have worked best for me.

Some awesome things that the Youngblood product will have are Jojoba esters and Allotoin! I believe the cost is $27 here in the states and I know you’ll be able to find it Fred Segal in Santa Monica, California, Henri Bendel in New York some spas and salons and of course online and over the phone.

I just wanted to tell everyone that I was advised by a friend – for my Aussie readers that YOUNGBLOOD is sold in private shops in Australia. Google to find out your local distributors and give them a try!

Youngblood Cosmetics! *discovery* – Some Bad Luck – Cleaning

Good afternoon my lovelies! We’re almost through the week! Woot! Too bad I have a Saturday class…so to me this is “hump day.” What is everyone up to this weekend? What looks are you planning? – Me, I have a midterm Saturday and a fancy dinner Sunday. Gotta use some of my own tips to make myself look purdy. Hahah

So I recently discovered this makeup brand call Youngblood! It’s mineral based and let me tell you I’m in heart! I got their mascara (which everyone knows here, that I love to try), bronzer and tinted moisturizer.


Image take from Youngblood Cosmetics


Release Mechanism


Moisturizing Tint (Natural Tone) - Image Courtesy of Youngblood Cosmetics

What I love about the moisturizer is that you seriously do not need to apply foundation over it. It has enough coverage on the face and is very light. All you have to do is shake it a bit, since the product is a mineral base and separates. Definitely not a terrible task to have with such an easy product. I take a few pumps and dab it on my face lightly and then spread it with one of my flat top, synthetic kabuki brushes. Goes on very very smoothly. It’s the tinted moisturizer of my dreams. The only thing I don’t absolutely love is the pump. It gets some of the product caught in the twist lock, which only bugs me because I’m a tad ocd, but this is also not too big of a deal for me.

YB Mascara Brush

Hello amazing lashes

Mascara!!!!!! I love everything about this mascara. There is seriously nothing that I hate about it. You apply it and it’s heavy enough to grab all your lashes but not so heavy that it will weigh them down. Dries quick enough so there’s clearly no gloppy parts in the lashes…and of course I use my metal eyelash comb. (Careful with those guys, if you’re not use to them they can end up IN your eye…no bueno!)

More info on the Mascara


Bronzer - Image Courtesy of Youngblood Cosmetics

Like I mentioned above I also got myself a bronzer! Before YB, I was using physicians formula bronzer, which I do love and will talk about sometime in the future, but today we’re talking YB. So this bronzer I swear to you will last a lifetime. The very first time I tried it I made the mistake of sweeping my angle brush and of course picked up a month’s worth of it. Eek!!! What a waste, had to dab a little on my face and use a different brush to apply it properly. I ended up keeping the brush with all the bronzer on it for a couple of days just using the excess. haha I’ve washed it since then and am careful to only lightly touch the bronzer with my brush. I couldn’t get any good picture of myself with the bronzer without needing to apply 10x what’s necessary for it to pick up on the pic. Sigh…I really wanted to show you guys. I’ll keep trying and perhaps add it in a later post.

I’ve seen their products on Amazon and Fred Segal as well as their online store …so check them out, I really think you’ll be impressed!

Tell me have you ever heard of Youngblood? Do you use it?


Bah I’ve had some bad luck this week [ Due to my sudden bad luck I did clean out my car a little. Lost my work key card for the lot and as I rummaged through the insides of my car I ended up throwing out so so much], which is making me want to shop for some makeup. Today’s preview is of MAC paint pots: I’ve gotten a few requests to do a blog post on them. I have a couple, but this a great excuse to get myself a couple more since I love them so! Who doesn’t need a bit of shop therapy every now and then. At least that came out of it haha. MAC post will happen either Saturday or Sunday… keep an eye out.

Paint Pots

(Stila) Brush (33) that saved me! Also cute doggy!

Hiya all!!! How are you guys doing on this hump day? I stayed home today to go to the optometrist…having a bit of an eye issue! = no make up! *sound the alarms* will keep you posted!

On to today’s chat about one of my favorite brushes. I feel like we all have a favorite makeup brush that is just the worlds gift to make up in our lives. For me it’s the Stila brush from heaven! Haha


So why do I love this brush?
For a few reasons really; one being that I’m a bit OCD (shifty eyes). Most people apply cream blushes and bronzers with their fingers, but I simply cannot handle that. I feel so icky touching my makeup and then my face and spreading it on. I suppose we all have our quirks. I had never used cream blush until recently and was simply bothered by not having a “good” brush to apply it with. I tried a couple but nothing was working- was so frustrating.

Stila Brush 33 Washed it just for you guys! 😉

Well voila here comes Stila with its amazing brush to save the day. It picks up the cream easily and applies to the cheek quite smoothly. I am now a happy camper I must say. A. Because I now have a great brush that oh by the way is double ended (smaller end is amazing for MAC paint pots) and B. I now have an awesome blush that actually looks good on me! I have funny red undertones to my skin and so because of this I have a very hard time with powder blush. It is just not an attractive look on me. Then one day I thought to myself what can I use to make my cheeks look good with makeup …ah! Cream blush.

Is there any one brush you love? Have you had any makeup finds in the last few months that you can’t believe you did without?


So I intern at a makeup company (which I do not mention or review, because clearly I’m bias and unfair to write about); yesterday one of the women who works there in Social Media brought in her doggy! She is a rescue who was horridly abused and so she’s really sketch about who she is ok with. She definitely was not ok with me, and not to mention she POOPED next to me!!! Sigh… it was not cute, but she still is so here is a pic of her waiting for her momma to come back from lunch. =)

Colette waiting for her momma!


Preview for my next blog entry: Some goodies I came across…that I’ve really fallen in love with!

Youngblood Cosmetics

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