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Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer + Sephora Lasting and Perfecting Corrector

Concealer is a big deal for those of us who have dark circles.

This is a continuation of a previous post where I am now comparing the Make Up For Ever “Lift Concealer” and the Sephora “Lasting and Perfecting Corrector.” What I did is use one of the products on either side of my face to show the difference and then in the third round also added tinted moisturizer, because it’s more common for me to wear that than foundation.

Alright, so I think you see a definite difference. It isn’t perfect. You still see dark circles and that’s just unfortunate and I’m sure if I caked it on it would be less obvious, but I’m not a fan of caking any makeup on my face. It’s likelier for it to go in the creases regardless of them being thin or for those more mature women the deeper lines below their eyes.


Dark Circles >.<


Make Up For Ever Left - Sephora Right


Here I have added Youngblood Tinted Moisturizer over the concealers.

And now as you can see it’s even less darkness under the eye that we see. Due to the lighting in the room I am in, my right eye is darker than it really is, but as you can see in my left eye there is a significant difference between image one and image three.

I think that ultimately you can tell the the Make Up For Ever Concealer is the one that has worked best. I recently heard about it in my quest to find one. The Sephora Color Corrector is not a bad competition, but if you are looking for a concealer I must say I’d recommend the Lift Concealer. The Lift Concealer I got from Make Up For Ever is the number 2 and the price is $22 USD compared to the Sephora¬†Lasting and Perfecting Corrector (also #2), which is priced at $15.


Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer


Sephora Long Lasting Color Corrector

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